Welcome Beauties!

My name is Celia and I am the beauty expert and creative force behind www.celiaspain.com. My self titled blog is all about sharing my expertise in skin, beauty and makeup with all of you! The more knowledge you have about your own beauty – the more gorgeous inside and out you will feel… I love how transformative and fun makeup can be, it gives you the ability to be whoever you want to be and however you want to look. That’s why its so powerful. When it comes to cosmetic and skincare products not all are created equal. There definitely is an art to cosmetics – it comes down to a combination of the techniques/tools we use, the ingredients and science behind a product and how your skin, hair, nails or body performs when coming into contact with these ingredients. It can be really overwhelming and confusing trying to find wat works for you because there are so many products all claiming to work miracles! I have studied Beauty therapy, Makeup and Advanced Dermal Therapies and have been working within the industry for several years. My work has always been focused around finding solutions and educating others on skin, makeup and beauty. This space is devoted to finding your solution! Lots of love, Celia xx