Feeling Smitten is a one of a kind bath and body brand. I have never come across a more unique and fun company that takes the term “good enough to eat” quite so literally. Their products are bath time treats with a twist – everything you feel, smell and see looks like a delicious baked treat or candy. Honestly, pampering yourself never looked this good. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try their marvellous mix of body products over the past few weeks and WOW!


Feeling Smitten is widely recognised for their one of a kind Cupcake bathbombs. The presentation of the bathbombs is out of this world. It definitely puts my homemade cupcake bathbombs to shame! The frosting is actually more of a “bath melt” which dissolves slowly into the bath as you sit back and relax. The base is made like a typical bath bomb which bubbles into beautiful coloured water, releasing an amazing aroma and infusing moisture into the skin. I found breaking up the frosting in the water made it easier for the top of the cupcake to dissolve, so you can sit back and reap the the rewards faster!

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They have several twists on their tub treats. Not only can you get bathbomb/soaks in cupcake form but also in delightfully packaged bath candys, bath pops, icecream cones, mini cupcakes and bath salts disguised as a candy shake. They also make moisturisers, bath washes, gift packs and even lip balms (which will feature in an upcoming Winter essentials post)

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The bath pops come wrapped just like lollipops. Used as mini bath bombs with a coconut butter surprise at the centre. I could see myself using one of these everyday. The colour and scent isn’t over bearing, its quick and effective. A perfect pint size for one person. I loved these… <3

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The icecream cones were another favourite (I have so many new favourites haha)! They are such adorable shaped bath bombs. It had a wonderful scent of vanilla and strawberry candy. To my surprise I realised it wasn’t just a novelty bath bomb, it was packed with AHAs, bath salts, essential oils, evaporated milk and citric acid. This combination entertains the senses with a delicious fragrance, whilst exfoliating and nourishing the skin as you soak. Giving me even more reason to love icecream haha.


The salt shake I received was Orange Dreamsicle. The smell of this one is unreal. Its has a very rich sherbet orange scent with a top note of vanilla. One handful is enough to colour your entire bath and leave your muscles feeling super relaxed. You will step out of the bath more energised and scented of sweet orange candy. YUM. My only wish was that there was more in one bottle, I am going to need a shipping container full of this goodness.


These delights pictured below are little bath candys! They look cute as a button and are just enough for one person. Definitely something you could use everyday as they are only $4.00 a pop. These are great for muscle aches and pains as they are loaded with Epsom salts. Post gym treat? I think yes!


The brand recently relaunched their Gelato sugar scrubs. These scrubs are made with whipped with sugar, mango and shea butter. Making a very creamy mixture unlike other scrubs. When you place it on the skin and start start exfoliating the granules didn’t go everywhere. The formula and ingredients were just the right combination that it stayed almost as a paste and glided over the skin effortlessly. It’s has a very velvelty consistency and the small sugar granules are not harsh on the skin. I’d rate this as ‘light to medium’ in terms of how hard it is. Defintiely something that you could use frequently through the week without irritation.


The only time I wouldn’t use is just before a spray tan. It leaves a very fine luxurious coating of the shea/mango butter on your skin. Just to be on the safe side I wouldn’t use anything too moisturising on the skin right before a tan. Its so hydrating that I don’t even feel like I need to put moisturiser on my body. I know sometimes you can sit in the bath and you get out and feel sooooo dry. But the Feeling Smitten range just blew me away at how hydrating all the products were, without even putting on moisturiser.


The gelato sugar scrubs come in several different flavours but pictured below is the Mai tai, Strawberry Mint and limited edition Sherbet. My favourite had to be between the Mai tai and the sherbert. But this is just my personal preference. I really hope the Limited edition sherbet scrub comes back out!! I wouldn’t even know how to describe the scent, as its like nothing Ive ever smelt before. Sooooo delicious.


Lastly we have the Sugar brulee bath wash – I use this as a body wash in the shower or bath. But it can be used as a bubble bath also. It smells like a mixture of sugar and a hint of caramel. The formula lathers up into a foam and washes off leaving the skin silky smooth. It may look just like any other shower gel but much like the scrubs, these leave the skin with a velvety finish and I don’t feel like a sultana when I get out of the shower. I don’t even feel like my skin really needs a body moisturiser after I use this which is awesome.


I would like to say a huge thankyou to Feeling Smitten for this generous package. This brand is every girls dream come true and its not just about the pretty packaging. All the products are home made in the USA, using natural ingredients, SLS and paraben free. They are very thoughtfully created products, each component and ingredient has a purpose for the body and the mind. I cannot rave about how beautiful these bath products were. I’ve never used anything like this before, its such a special and fun experience. I would highly recommend you girls to try these amazing bath treats out for yourselves. They would also so make amazing gifts, just look at them! I couldn’t think of anyone I know that wouldn’t enjoy something like this.


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XO Celia