We all want the luxuries in life, but not always can we afford them. As a self-professed candle lover, I am one to know a candle addiction can put a real dent in your back pocket. But unfortunately I hate to admit that candles aren’t exactly a necessity and even though they might smell delicious you can’t eat them haha…so sometimes I’ve had to go without. This post is to show you how you can get quality candles on a budget.

When I came across Aromascents by Annie, an Aussie gal’s boutique candle company. I thought why not share this secret with you all. The candles are all handmade from pure soy wax, vegan and all natural. Not only are the products extremely affordable, but I am blown away by the quality of this boutique brand.


The candles and melts are extremely long lasting, Soy wax is said to have the lasting power up to 50% more than a regular candle. I also like the fact that soy candles are healthier for humans and our pets because they are non-toxic and don’t release ample amounts of black smoke that we inhale. So that’s a huge tick on my list!

The candles by Aromascents by Annie start from $7….can you believe that?! They are sweetly packaged and an extremely generous sizing for a $7 candle. 150ml of product will give you around 30+ hours burn time. Annie also creates large luxury candles that would make the perfect gift for friends and family! When I light up one of these candles the scent travels through the rooms of my house. Her candles create such a lovely atmosphere, it really sets the mood especially when you have guests coming through your home. Pictured below is the 150ml “Cotton Candy” scented candle. I am a lover of all things sweet, so the cotton candy flavour strongly resonated with me!



The company also creates bath salts, tea lights and soy melts.

I had never had any experience with melts before and didn’t really understand how they worked. So this was a great discovery and road test of the method. Wax melts are a clever and cost effective alternative to burning oils in a burner. Which is something that I used to frequently indulge it, but found the cost to be too high. To use your wax melts all you have to do is pop a square of your scented melt into the top of an oil burner and the product will disperse into an oil form. The oil then diffuses into your home and much like a candle creates a beautiful ambience. Pictured below are some of the Aromascents by Annie, wax melt samples. I was lucky enough to try almost every scent in the range!! The actual wax melts come in a larger size for $6 and includes 6 squares of product.


Now that I’ve been introduced I honestly can’t decide whether I like candles or soy melts better. Both are equally as strong and long lasting. However, the good thing about soy melts is that you can change scents more frequently because you can just use a square at a time. These are the tea light candles in Pineapple and coconut! So yummy!


Last but not least is the gorgeous lavender and vanilla bath salts. Everyone that knows me well, knows how obsessed I am with bath products and this was no exception! Bath salts are a therapeutic and holistic product that actually provides a lot of benefits to the body! Bath salts can provide relief for sore, tired, aching muscles as well as relief for other parts of the body including skin, soothing inflammation and promoting a restful nights sleep for suffers of sleep disorders. These bath salts were a perfect treat after a long day and I would highly recommend them. The bath salts come in a variety of scents and retail for only $8.00!



My favourite scents: 

Pineapple and coconut

Cotton candy

Coconut and lime

Attitude (This scent reminds me of men’s cologne)

Sex on the beach (A fruity tropical scent)


Thank you all for reading! I will leave links down below for you to browse, purchase and show your support to this boutique Australian brand. <3

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XO Celia