My 21st was definitely more of a birthday week rather than a birth-DAY. I had a couple of different dinners with friends and family. But the most exciting celebration was with my closest friends at LUSH cosmetics. After hours LUSH opens up its doors for small parties every Monday and Friday evening. A lot of my friends didn’t know much about Lush so it was exciting to introduce them. The way the party was conducted meant that even girls without much prior experience or interest into beauty products could just have a bit of fun and familiarise themselves with Lush.



It was such a great evening, we got to make our own bath bombs and facemasks. When we arrived the Lush girls began by talking about the company, how everything is made, where the ingredients come from. It was really interesting, I truly thought that I was a ‘Lushie’ but there was a lot of things I didn’t know about. They even provide income to many remote communities including the Masai tribes in Kenya. They source crops from these communites and in exchange for fresh produce Lush provides stable work for them. Which I thought was pretty cool because I’ve actually visited a Masai tribe whilst in Tanzania and saw what the culture is like.


The first demonstration the girls did was how to make your very own mermaid water. I mean….who hasn’t wanted to be a mermaid at some point in their life? By combining ‘the big blue’ bath bomb and the ‘sunny side’ bubble bar in the bath, you can make your very own mermaid water! It was so gorgeous; I really want to try this at home soon.

DSC_0296 DSC_0299

The next part was my favourite part of the whole experience because we got to get our hands dirty (but not too dirty because we wore gloves ha-ha). Everyone got a chance to put together our own ‘Butterball” flavoured bath bombs. The butterball is vanilla scented and filled with small chips cocoa butter that melt when you place into your tub. It is heavenly. Because there was only 7 of us at the event there was enough mixture for me to make a giant butterball. It was almost as large as my entire head and when I put it in the bath it just kept going and going. It was amazing, I was covered in cocoa butter head to toe when I got out of the bath. This would definitely be a very nourishing bath bomb for wintertime.

DSC_0301 DSC_0302

After the bath bomb we had a demonstration of the how Lush makes their cupcake facemask. This chocolate cake batter scented facemask is not just a fluffy treatment. I can actually see immediate results from using this mask. My skin is softer and feels decongested. Love doing this one especially after extractions.



Our demonstration time came to an end after an hour of fun. It was hard to decide what to get with the gift voucher. I ended up spending quite a bit over the voucher so I will feature those products in an upcoming haul post. The Lush girls also surprised me with a gorgeous birthday gift, which I will share with you in that post also. My friends said that they had a lot of fun and will definitely be going back to Lush. I was worried they wouldn’t like doing something like this but everyone had so much fun. All and all the experience was amazing and I’m so glad I decided to do something a bit different to the run of the mill 21st birthday party. Drinking and clubbing isn’t really ‘me’ so I am glad I stayed true to myself and did something I really wanted to do.

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XO   Celia