When it comes to bath products, shopping is no joke. Bath time is easily my favourite time of day. Today I am going to share with you all, the adorable and sweetly scented Oh deer sugar products I purchased. Whipped up in South Australia by two girls that are filling the void for all Aussies that love candy inspired bath products!

Blueberry Candied pie



A bath melt disguised as an adorable snack. Ready to break up and melt into the tub. This product was a limited edition. The kitchen makes all kinds of special treats each week.

Turkish delight facemask


A thick and clay like formula. This all natural and vegan facemask is recommended for oily skin. It had a soft fragrance of Turkish delight, but it was not an overpowering scent.

Blueberry cheesecake slice bath bomb


Described as a ‘crumble jar’ with identical ingredients to a bath bomb. These jars give you more bang for your buck. Bath bombs are usually for single use, but now just use a handful of this in your bath. Leaving you scented like a blueberry cheesecake delight. It fizzles out into the water just like a bath bomb.

Juicy lychee donut bath bomb


My favourite product of the haul, I am hooked on the lychee donut scent. I suggest to use the crumble jars in moderation because the scent is so powerful!

Banana split bubble bar


If you like candied bananas you will love this one. Grab onto the paddle pop stick and run this product under your tap for the ultimate bath experience.

Peaches and cream chocolate block of soap


Yes, yes and more yes. The block of soap is actually 3 bars of soap in one. Making these great for travel and to give as gifts. Such a simple and ingenious way to package soap.

Jellybeans and popping candy chocolate block soap


With an elaborate colour scheme and unique flavour the Jelly bean popping candy soap is another favourite. This soap has a granular side, which I believe is the popping candy. Making this block perfect for blokes and when you really need a good clean.






XO Celia