My thoughts on QT’s Coconut Milk Bath

Wow, all I can say is wow. I find it really hard to wind down after a long day. I have been extremely stressed lately – who isn’t stressed from time to time? But to make matters worse, in my case stress makes it impossible to fall to sleep before midnight. Without a decent sleep you become more stressed, and the cycle continues! However, I have finally found some hope. A natural, vegan bath product that sent me straight to sleep! But as the name suggests, having some ‘Quiet time’ was exactly what I needed.


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I was lucky enough to receive a package from the QT body care team recently. It contained their “Coconut Milk Bath” which is a luxurious combination of Epsom salts, coconut milk powder, sea salt and lime essential oil. From working in a beauty spa environment, providing body wraps, scrubs and other divine treatments everyday. It is quite easy for me to know a great spa product when I see one. QT body care has nailed it.



My favourite part about the product is the scent! The coconut milk powder provides a creamy aroma as the base. While the lime oil creates a refreshing and sweet top note, providing the perfect balance. I’ve used a generous handful every night this week and I have jumped in bed so much earlier than normal. Falling asleep at 10pm is a miracle for me! My partner also had a really good night sleep after his bath. Being a bodybuilder, his muscles are chronically sore and fatigued. The element of epsom salt in this coconut milk bath really helps when you’re physically worn down.


You can feel small, gentle granules as you apply. For best use QT recommends to hop in the bath and make sure your body is damp. Grab a handful of product and rub into the skin, giving a light exfoliation. As you wash it away from your body the product dissolves into your tub, this is when you really reap the benefits. I could probably get 8-10 baths out of one 230gram packet, I like to focus on my upper body and leave my legs submerged in the water.


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I will definitely be repurchasing my QT coconut milk bath in a few weeks, as well as trying out their beach scrub next time! If your looking for a bath product that will really calm, relax and give you some well deserved “quiet time”….you should try the QT body care range. A huge thank you to QT for introducing me to their range and sending me this delightful treat.

If you would like to purchase any of the Quiet Time products or have a look at their social media accounts I will leave the links below.

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