Hi Beauties,

Welcome to the first ever ‘Tub Treats’ feature! This is a fortnightly post every second Thursday to discuss the most fabulous and delicious bath products that you can ever imagine. As a lover of all things bath, I thought it only seemed right that I begin sharing my best tub experiences with you and my favourite products. I also restored an old cast iron tub just for this special part of my blog. Photos will be pictured below. Let me know what you think of the new tub!

Today I will be sharing with you a few new goodies I received from Feeling Smitten. Feeling Smitten create the sweetest and most adorable bath and body products including; bath bombs, bath fizzies, sugar scrubs, lip balms and moisturisers. I will run you through each product and why I love them so much!

Gelato sugar scrub – Dreamsicle


Pictured above is the Gelato sugar scrub in flavour ‘Dreamsicle’. I have tried other products in their range with the Dreamsicle scent before and fell in love immediately. Dreamsicle is the perfect mix of orange and vanilla bean –it reminds me of orange sherbet flavour with a vanilla undertone. The Gelato sugar scrubs are a real treat! What I like most about these scrubs is the amazing texture, the granules are medium sized and is not too abrasive. But at the same time it is filled with so many of the granules that it just gives you the perfect exfoliation – not too fine and not too harsh. It feels like a whipped buttery paste as it glides on the skin without too much water or excess product wasted.

Salt Shake – Pink Lemonade


The salt shakes are a deliciously different way to therapeutically relax your muscles and receive all the benefits of a salt bath with the added fun! I love the adorable packaging design of these…with the little straw coming out the top of the shake. So cute! In this package I received the Pink lemonade salt shake. It didn’t smell like lemonade at all, I think that’s just the pun in regards to the packaging. It smelt like raspberries! I like to savour these shakes and place a handful in my tub, which is just enough to add a light pink tinge and the raspberry scent to the water. If you are feeling really fatigued after exercise or work I would probably use ¼ of the shake for deep muscle relaxation.

Body cream POP – Blackberry Champagne


This is my favourite product by Feeling Smitten I’m using at the moment. Everything about this moisturiser just really impressed me. You know those rare jaw-dropping products that you open and you are just so excited to tell your friends about? Firstly I love the novel aspect of this packaging. I feel really fancy and good about myself moisturising straight from a champagne bottle hahah! Secondly – the scent is unreal! Feeling Smitten always surprises me, I have never smelt anything like it before. Much like many of their products, they are just one of a kind candy scented goodness that I find hard to put into words. The flavour is called blackberry champagne but I have no idea how to describe it other than, goddamn AMAZING. It’s a light body moisturiser that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. The scent definitely lingers on the body too.

Cupcake bath bomb



Feeling Smitten are famous for their large variety of large and mini cupcake bath bombs. These are amongst my ‘tub treat’ all time favourites. There are so many fabulous flavours available the choice is yours. For the ultimate tub experience, separate the icing from the base. Drop the base into the water and break up the icing into smaller chunks to dissolve in the water. The even make bridal cupcakes for that special day.

Ice cream cone – Vanilla Coconut


The ice cream cones perfectly sums up why I called my new bath feature ‘Tub Treats’. It doesn’t get much sweeter than an ice cream cone bath bomb. I have tried both flavors available and it’s so tough to pick a favorite! They have very similar vanilla undertones so it depends whether you are feeling more inclined to strawberry or coconut that evening. These bath bombs are also very hydrating because of the AHA’s and essential oils. Some bath bombs can leave you feeling a bit itchy and dry but these are the opposite! Feels so gentle and nice on the skin.

Shower truffles boxed set –



The shower truffles are a really unique idea that I had not tried before. Although baths are my go-to, sometimes if you are in a rush a shower is more ideal. The concept of shower truffles means you don’t have to miss out on your bath treat time! You place these on the floor of the shower just next to where the water is splashing, rather than directly on the drain area in the middle. It dissolves much like a bath bomb on the floor of your shower. The scent is activated with exposure to water as the truffle dissolves the steam rises carrying the scent with it! I was quite surprised at how effective this was. But if you give these as gifts you will need to explain to them how to use it because I was a bit confused myself at first!

Strawberry Mint (light pink)

Tangerine Melon (yellow)

Pink Grapefruit & Jasmine (hot pink)

Lavender Vanilla (teal)

I hope you enjoyed reading my first edition of Tub Treats. Thank you for reading and I will be back in 2 weeks with a new post.



XO Celia