Tub Treats #3 Lush Cosmetics


Hello beauties,

I thought I’d share my little shopping bag of treats I picked up at Lush Cosmetics. I hadn’t been in store to Lush for SO long. My supplies only just started running low from my 21st Birthday party haha!

Big Blue Bath Bomb

bigbluelushA glorious mix of lavender, seaweed and lemon. This bath bomb is a slice of heaven. Perfectly capturing that sweet spot, between energising and relaxing. Big Blue makes you feel like a real life mermaid. Turning your tub into a ‘big blue’ ocean! You can spot the little sea salt flakes dissolving as it plunges into the water.

I love this treat because it doesn’t have an overpowering scent. The lavender has a calming effect whilst the lemon energises and uplifts! Seaweed is known to have a many beneficial vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals and amino acids that help to nourish and restore the skin. Making the Big Blue a top choice for those concerned with anti-aging.


Sakura Bath Bomb


Sakura was made to represent Japanese cherry blossoms during spring time. It smells divine in the shop, but to be honest I was very disappointed with this one. Sakura is a white bath bomb, speckled with blue and pink and little blue sea salt flakes on top. The fragrance is way too gentle when submerged into the tub. I could hardly smell anything. Usually when you drop a Lush bath bomb into your tub, there is a big WHOOSH of colour, fragrance and ‘amazing-ness’!! Yes, I am aware amazing-ness isn’t a real world. But we are talking about Lush Cosmetics…

To get back on topic, the Sakura really didn’t have that! No WOOSH, no colour, no fragrance? This is a very sad day. 🙁

The Comforter Bubble Bar


The Comforter is one of Lush’s best selling bubble bars and I can certainly understand why. I continue to repurchase this, time and time again because of its luxurious feel. My tip: break this bar up into 3-4 even pieces and use 1 piece for each bath! Such great value for money!!!

The comforter adds a strong pink colouring to the bath, lots of foam/bubbles and a sweet black current candy fragrance. I can always count of the Comforter to make bath time a fun experience after a long hard day. Whilst also leaving the skin feeling as soft as silk.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading xx


Celia  <3