10 amazing ways to use coconut oil in your beauty regime

We are going coconuts today. Coconut oil is a very versatile addition to your beauty bag. You would be surprised how many different ways you can add this into your regime. Here is a list of fun, innovative beauty tricks to try at home and can save you money along the way.

  1. Eye makeup remover

Believe it or not, but this is a fabulous technique for removing clumpy eyelash glue that just won’t come off. Add coconut oil to a cotton pad and place over the eye. Wiggle the cotton pad side to side, and wipe downwards to remove.

  1. Lip balm

Coconut oil is extremely nourishing, making it a perfect saviour for dry, chapped lips. Add a tablespoon of solid coconut oil to a small tin and you are in business. Use your fingertips to apply this straight to the area.

  1. Body Oil/moisturiser

One of the most popular uses for coconut oil is in replacement of body moisturiser. With all these expensive creams and lotions on the market, this is a great money saver and natural hydrator for the body.

  1. Fly aways

Something I have been doing for years! Use coconut oil to combat fly-away hairs by adding a few drops of oil to your fingertips. Then, run your finger tips smoothly this over the pesky fly aways. This is my favourite method for taming frazzled locks.coconutoil

  1. Dry scalp treatment

A dry scalp can be extremely frustrating and often returns over time. If you are sick and tired of using that awful coal tar shampoo or anti dandruff shampoo that ruins your hair, you should try a coconut oil scalp mask after every second wash. This can really help to keep the scalp hydrated and the dryness at bay. Lather into the scalp and leave on over night or for 30 minutes. (Warning – do not use hot appliances such as a hair straightener or blow-dryer if you have coconut oil still in your hair) I would strongly recommend air-drying your hair.

  1. Cuticle oil

A small amount of coconut oil on the cuticles daily can prevent those devilish hang nails!!!

  1. Conditioner

Hydrate the ends of your hair using coconut oil to repair and hydrate. Consistent hydration to the ends will give the hair more strength, less split ends and leave it looking healthy.

  1. Shaving oil

An inexpensive and effective lubricant to make shaving your legs easier! Especially if your legs are dry, you can be more prone to cutting yourself. By adding a layer of coconut oil before a shave it can effectively prevent cuts, as the razor will be gliding smoothly across the skin.

  1. Mixing medium for clay masks

If you are about to add water to your clay masque, instead try coconut oil as the mixing medium. Not only will this mix together more easily, it will add an extra hydrating factor to your masque. Dry skin girls – take note!

  1. Hand cream

A really neat idea to try: place a pump bottle full of coconut oil at your kitchen sink. When you have finished washing the dishes and your hands look like sultanas, hydrate and revive them using a pump of coconut oil.


I hope you all enjoyed this post. There are some really awesome beauty tricks you can do with coconut oil. Hopefully this has inspired you to try at least 1.

***Pictured above is Cocosun coconut moisturising oil which is safe for use on the body and hair – but not around the eye area or for ingesting. You can check out their range of coconut products here –http://www.cocosun.com.au