Advanced Genifique

A new favourite skincare product I have been using is Advanced Genifique by Lancôme. This is the brand’s youth activator, which is used morning and night to activate the 10 signs of youth.

advanced genefique

I apply this product after my skin has been cleansed, and before any serum, sunscreen or moisturiser. The self-loaded applicator has enough for my face and neck each use. It is designed to set up the skin for greater absorption, allowing products to absorb and penetrate deeper than before. The fabulous thing about Genifique is basically any skin type can use it. It has a thin serum like texture – that sinks into the skin almost instantly. It feels quite watery which is why it is suitable for even the oiliest of skins.

Lancôme say that you will see results within 7 days after using Genifique morning and night. However, I definitely saw results instantly. It makes your skin’s texture so much softer and the more you use this product …the softer and more plump the skin appear. The plumping effect occurs partly because the products you apply after Genifique are absorbed more efficiently.

The reason it is called a “youth activator” is because it awakens and stimulates the proteins in the skin responsible for youth. It uses the gene technology discovered by Loreal – hence the name (Geni)-fique.

advanced genifique lancome

Genifique makes your skin glow, plump and creates a beautiful smooth texture to the surface of the skin. You can instantly see a difference after applying this product because of the luminosity it gives the skin. If you are finding your skin appears tired and dull this will be a great product for your skin to give the pickup it requires. The amazing glow that Genifique gives your skin is probably my favourite feature of the product.

You can even mix a dropper of Genifique in with your foundation, to give the skin a dewy, luminous finish. I have found it is also a great primer to use before you apply foundation!

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