Affordable brushes

Hi Beauties! Brushes can be a very expensive investment to your beauty kit. Especially if your not a makeup artist and you are just wanting some staple brushes to apply your makeup everyday. $70 AUD for a foundation brush at Mac doesn’t really seem reasonable does it? I have recently found some great staple brushes that are perfect for beginners and those looking to add some more brushes to their makeup bag, without the added price tag.

The Urban Beauty United collection retails at all K-Mart stores across Australia. These range from $5.50-$13.00 per brush. I think this is a very achievable price range for even a strict budgeter. It doesn’t get much better than that!

I will walk you through the brushes and their uses.

UBU Picture Perfect No.13


This is an absolute ‘must have’ style of brush for every woman’s makeup bag. These are often referred to as Duo fibre brushes and are known for applying cream and powder products, blending them flawlessly. I love to use this brush to apply cream products; like illuminators and primers before foundation.

UBU Glow Stick No.20

Urban Beauty United foundation brush

I highly rate the UBU foundation brush because of its design. The Glow Stick has a wide brush head, densely packed fibres, a feathered top and flexible movements. It seems to make foundation application effortless. Taking less time to apply because you don’t need to keep going back and forth to really blend it into the skin. It just seems to do this after only a couple of strokes. Then that area is finished and you move on the next. I prefer this $10 foundation brush to my $70 Mac one. Isn’t that crazy?!

UBU Undercover lover No.21

undercover lover urban beauty united

Undercover lover is a densely packed shader brush designed for under eye concealer. It works pretty well around the eye area and blends the concealer in without much effort required. I would have liked it to be a tiny bit more flexible, it’s a little bit stiff for blending in a cross hatching motion. So I would recommend using this brush in a patting motion when blending in concealer. But in saying this, for $5.50 you cant really fault it. It is so affordable and gets the job done.

UBU Screen Preen No.10


Screen preen is a medium sized brush designed for applying powder. Use this brush when setting your makeup with a translucent or pressed powder. I like to pat my setting product lightly over the skin after I have applied my foundation. This is to ensure my makeup stays all day.

UBU Shady Lady No.30


Shady lady is an eye shadow brush that presses in any shadows you want to apply to your lids. I have several shader brushes and I honestly prefer a non synthetic brush for this, because I feel it picks up more pigment. But if you are just starting out, you are probably still figuring out the whole eye shadow thing? Am I right? So lets just start with the basics, add a shady lady to your kit and give a basic eye shadow look a few test runs.

UBU Kabuki Crush No.12


This brush is SO SOFT; it feels divine on the skin. Kabuki brushes are generally used for buffing in foundation and Kabuki Crush is no exception. If you are a mineral powder lover or just needing to blend in your foundation around tricky areas. This is a great buffing brush to help you.

Not only are they great on price, they also are super adorable! I love the girly pink fibres and rose gold accent of the handle. It is so me!

Thank you so much for reading. I’d love to hear about your brush collection in the comments below and if anyone has tried the UBU range?


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Celia xo