A women’s hair is her crowning glory. But the last 6 months has been a rough time for my locks. There have been a lot of colour experiments, hair extensions and losing a lot of my natural length. So my current hair routine, which I am sharing today, is what I like to call “Hair Rehab”. Right now is time to repair, restore and refresh my locks. This is my current routine and I am noticing huge improvements.



At the moment I am alternating products between washes. The two shampoos I am currently using are; REF 551 Repair Shampoo Sulfate Free & PURE ELEMENTS Marigold Harmonizing Shampoo.

The reason I am using two at the moment is because they both do different things for my hair. Depending on how my hair is feeling, that will dictate which shampoo I reach for.

REF 551 Repair Shampoo Sulfate Free




This shampoo I use to repair all the colour damage and lack of moisture left in my hair. It is a formulated hair reconstructor. This is seriously a Blondes best friend. It has a really creamy, smooth consistency and a little bit goes a long way, which is surprising considering its sulphate free. The scent is delicious but a very unfamiliar scent, which is hard to describe. It contains extracts of neem, lingonberry seed and walnut, tamanu and argan oil. My damaged ends will thank me in a couple months.




PURE ELEMENTS Marigold Harmonizing Shampoo




The Marigold shampoo I use whenever scalp is getting too dry. Ever since I was young I’ve had dermatitis in my scalp. It comes and goes. It was bad when I was a kid but now is fairly settled. Whenever my scalp isn’t feeling in perfect order – this is my go to shampoo. I use it on average once a week and it just restores balance to the scalp. The combination of lavender, clove, patchouli, marigold, lime blossom and chamomile soothe and nourish the skin. This one doesn’t foam up like most shampoos because it doesn’t contain SLS. Which is good thing for the hair, but it means I go through this faster because you need a larger amount. I’m very glad to be giving up my medicated shampoo and opting for something more natural that’s actually working for once!





Batiste Dry shampoo




Every woman should keep this in her handbag for emergencies. Even if my hair isn’t dirty I sometimes use it to lighten my roots when I haven’t had a colour in a while. It just makes my roots look slightly lighter. Batiste and Cedel are the only two brands I’ve tested and found it lasts all day. Other brands you have to continually touch up. But I love the packaging of Batiste better!




PURE ELEMENTS Jojoba Conditioning Crème




My current favorite is the Jojoba conditioning cream. THE SMELL IS AMAZING. I am obsessed with it. The whole Pure Elements range are natural blends so they don’t put any nasty chemicals that coat the hair and leave the hair damaged long term. Sometimes I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to natural beauty products, because they don’t always do as greater job. (Something that I have been conditioned too, because when it comes to skincare – cosmeceutical is a lot more results driven) But this range has really surprised me. I use this every wash after a shampooing the hair twice. This conditioner is a really great detangler too.




Hair treatments:

Bed head Colour Goddess




The colour goddess treatment is delicious! My hairdresser introduced me to this and I haven’t looked back. Being blonde requires commitment. Treatments are something that is the difference between good hair and GREAT HAIR. Every time I shampoo my hair, I will do a treatment and alternate between two. So on average I will use this treatment 1 -2 times a week.

Colour goddess is jam packed full of nutrients for colour treated and damaged hair. It also has the delicious scent of CARAMEL. Everyone always compliments me on how good I smell after doing this treatment.




Alterna bamboo colour-care-uv deep hydrating mask




The Alterna mask is great for deeply hydrating dry hair and also great find for girls that wear extensions. I was recommended this one whilst I had extensions because it doesn’t contain protein that damages the hair. The Alterna hair mask is all about hydrating and nourishing rather than “repairing”. That’s why I like to alternate between the two – Bed head is great for repairing and filled with proteins and this one nourishes my hair and brings back the moisture. Too much protein can actually be a bad thing for your hair. That’s why I have two treatments.




Styling/Finishing products


REF Get it straight



This stuff actually works! It’s a gel formula that you put into wet hair, helping to keep your hair straight when you blow-dry it. I don’t need to straighten my hair after I blow-dry and it eliminates any frizz. This product is soooo good. It also acts as a heat protectant whilst your blow-drying – to stop your hair from heat damage. Definitely a time and money saver.



REF Shine spray



Shine spray is another product that I always either keep in my handbag or just on the sideboard before I walk out the door. It makes your hair lustrous and fresh looking. If I am going anywhere special – I will ALWAYS use shine spray in my hair. I’m a little bit of an addict ha-ha. I have quite a few brands of shine spray and I love them all equally. I don’t think there is one ultimate shine spray on the market. But every girl needs one.


I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be keeping you updated with my hair and how its all going soon!





Celia xo