Having a perfect bronze glow year round is something we all aspire to! Unfortunately the sun isn’t so kind on the health of our skin, so I want to talk to you today about a full proof method to becoming brown without damaging your skin. The past few months I have been getting busier and busier, meaning my regular salon appointment has gone out the window. It is more practical for time poor women to use an at home tanning method.

Recently I was introduced to Fake Bake – a leading UK tanning brand that has now made its way to Australian soil. Many shy away from home tanning methods because of a bad experience….does a streaky, orange or uneven tan sound familiar? I will admit I used to get serious anxiety when it came to self-tanning! Yes, that is how seriously I take a streak free tan! Haha! But over the years, trying out many tanning brands whilst working in salons has gotten me to where I am now. A streak free bronzed goddess!!! Maybe not a goddess…but streak free, YES. I know this isn’t new information, but every step is important and will guarantee a beautiful bronzed glow!

So here it is! Lets call it my “BRONZED GODDESS” routine haha.



This is similar to Christmas Eve but without the fat guy. You are nervous and excited all at the same time. Emotions are running high.

  • I need you to step into the shower.
  • Grab an exfoliation mitt and your favourite scrub. Make sure you exfoliate your entire body.
  • For the face, neck and décolletage use your favourite facial exfoliant (avoid using a body scrub or glove on these areas)
  • Make sure to exfoliate well in common ‘build up areas’ such as; knees, ankles, feet, elbows.
  • If you need to shave any areas, now is your time (waxing should be performed at least 1 day prior to tan eve)
  • Apply moisturiser to the skin – I prefer one that doesn’t leave a coating to allow for optimal tanning results


Today is the day. Set your Facebook status to ‘Body under construction’ and follow these steps.

Depending on your personal preference you may like to sleep in your original tan or apply during the day and continue your daily activities. I personally like to sleep in mine for ‘optimal tan time’. The browner the better I say. Its important to note this tan won’t ruin your bed sheets or pyjamas. The tan itself sinks in like a moisturiser within 5 minutes of application. Meaning, once dry the tan is smudge and streak resistant!




  • Start by applying the ‘Fake Bake Skin Smoothie – Special dry oil’ to any problem areas; ankles, knees, elbows. I apply 2 sprays for each area and towel dry any excess. The skin smoothie is an oil-based spray with rich botanicals and vitamin e. This sinks into the skin straight away and doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily at all. You need something that is quick absorbing before you apply the tan and this is it! (Do not use this on the face)


  • Next step is to apply ‘Fake Bakes’ original self tan lotion’. I have included a demonstration video below which I found on the Fake Bake website. I used exactly the same method.


  • Wearing gloves, apply a small amount on the back on your glove (Orange palm syndrome is a terrible disease – where people may mistake you for a carrot farm worker)
  • Apply in circular motions starting from the top of the leg working down to the feet. You need to apply this quickly and all over the skin.
  • After both legs are done, apply the tan to your stomach and work up using the same circular motion.
  • Next apply the tan to your lower back in circular motions. The video gives a great example of how to do this.
  • Continue the application on the décolletage and arms.
  • The upper back is the hardest part to conquer! I am very lucky…my boyfriend will help me with this tricky area. However if you don’t feel comfortable having someone else apply tan to your back I would suggest you invest in an easy to reach back applicator.
  • Apply the tanning product to the face. I only use a small amount and then top up the tan on following evenings using Fake Bakes two in one product – ‘Platinum Anti- Ageing Face Self-Tanning Lotion’. This is awesome to re-apply throughout the week, as the tan on your face is always the first to go. This combines practicality and also a bonus anti-ageing benefit. The widely acclaimed ingredient PhytoCellTecTM Malus Domestica won the European Cosmetics best active ingredient award! This is a photo taken from a 28-day study by the company.





  • Lastly remove your gloves and apply in a circular motion using the back of my hand to apply to the other hand and vice versa. Leave this tan on for 6-8 hours for optimal results.


You’re here! You’ve made it and you are looking sensational.

Now that your tan has developed you may wash it off and apply the Fake Bake Skin Smoothie to your body (excluding the face). I used the Skin Smoothie twice daily, morning and night so that my tan lasted as long as possible.

If I am going somewhere special as my tan starts to soften instead of reapplying the original self-tan I discovered something magical! It is an absolute new obsession. The Fake Bake Tinted Body Glow for face & body. This illuminating body bronzer brings you from 0/100 for any date night or special occasion where you cannot wait for a tan to develop.



The great thing about the Fake Bake range is that the product will slowly lighten in shade rather than having scaly, lizard like effect on the skin. That is usually the biggest fake tan give away. And trust me its not a good look!

I was really impressed by this entire range and would definitely recommend it to you all! As someone who has tried and tested so many brands I can confidently say this is my new favourite tan.

Fake Bake products are available through Priceline, select salons and online.

Go to http://www.fakebake.net.au/index.html for more product info!


I hope you found this fake tan tutorial helpful <3


Thank you for reading,