FitMe Lash wands – Q&A with Raelene Mara founder of MODELROCK LASHESfitmelashes

MODELROCK Lashes have created a stylish new tool, making it easier than ever before to pick the perfect lash style to suit you! The ‘FitMe Lash wands’ take out the guess-work for makeup artists, clients and fashionistas alike. Find the pair of lashes that were tailor made to suit you.

I was lucky enough to chat with Raelene Mara, Founder and CEO of MODELROCK Lashes about this exciting new release!


Can you explain how this cool little beauty tool works?

 RM: Absolutely! You simply place the false lash that you wish to try on onto the curved section of the wand and then hold up against your eye to get your perfect fit!

MRL Fit Me Lash Wands (consumer packs)

What inspired you to create the Fit Me Lash Wands?

RM: I always hear feedback from makeup artists regarding that sometimes they have trouble finding that perfect style for the client and also some of the fashionista’s also find it hard to find that perfect set, so I thought this would be a great little tool and would take the guess work out of finding the perfect lash for each individual eye. The other great thing is the lashes will not go to waste if the client does not like the finished look as they are able to ‘try on’ the styles before they make their selection with out the need to adhere the lashes to their own eyes first!


Who would you recommend to use the Fit Me Lash Wands? 

 RM: Definitely beauty salons, makeup stores and any false eyelash devotees! It really is a great little tool for in store as it will eliminate the choosing the wrong lash style and it also makes trying on false eyelashes fun!


Can you tell us your favourite Model Rock Lash style and why? 


Allure Lashes

 RM: For day wear I love our “ALLURE” lashes, they are beautiful and lightweight and natural but give slight thickness and a little length to your natural lashes, perfect for a daytime lash look. For evening to glam it up a little I love my SMOKEY VELVET’s – beautiful double layered full textured lashes to make your eyes pop!


Smokey Velvet - Double Layered Lashes

Smokey Velvet – Double Layered Lashes

A lot of people struggle to apply false lashes. Do you have a trick to applying lashes effortlessly?

RM: The secret is to firstly choose the correct style that is suitable for your eye shape; applying a style that is too big or too small can make our eyes appear out of shape! A beautiful natural style to add slight thickness and length to your natural lashes is my suggestion then, if you want a little glamour opt for one of our double-layered lashes which will give true “Ooh la la” impact to the eyes without being too OTT!!


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