freezeframe lip injection

Freezeframe Lip injection – does this product really work? I put this product to the test and these are my results.

What is Freezeframe Lip injection?

Freezeframe Lip injection is said to have a long term volumising effect on your lips and improving smokers lines around your mouth. The company recommends using this product once a day or twice a day for faster improvements over a minimum of 30 days.

The product contains micronised hyaluronic acid spheres, amino acids and peptides that aim to condition the skin and plump the area. These ingredients are very effective in hydrating and conditioning the skin due to their hydrophilic (water-loving) properties.


My results

This product is what I would describe as a “cosmeceutical lip balm”. It has very beneficial hydrating ingredients, and I honestly think this is amazing for treating dry lips. But overall I think this product is very misleading. Labelling a product as a  ‘lip injection’ alternative communicates that it will give you the significant volume that lip injections create. The packaging even uses a ‘syringe like’ applicator to draw people in.

Did my lips get bigger whilst using this product?  Yes, I would say there was a very slight volumising effect. But this product has no significant ‘lip injection’ effect.

Why did my lips get slightly larger?  This small improvement is to be expected from quality hydrating ingredients. For example….When you get your first cosmeceutical moisturiser, you will notice after a few days your skin feels plumper than usual. If you were to stop using your new moisturiser for a few days, your skin uses up that moisture and goes back to normal.

But for the very small amount of volume I noticed, $60.00 AUD seems crazy. However if you are experiencing very dry lips and are willing to invest in quality, this is a great hydrating lip product.

Celia xo