How to clean your Clarisonic

It is SOOOOO important that you are cleaning your clarisonic device properly and regularly. This is because of the amount of bacterial transfer that can occur directly from the brush to your skin each time you cleanse causing breakouts and infection.
Imagine cleansing your skin after a long day, you are trying to look after your skin by using good products and removing all of your makeup before bed. You are feeling clean and fantastic. Your intentions are in the right place, but you have forgotten on crucial thing. Cleaning your Clarisonic device.
There is honestly no point in spending money on beautiful skincare products and beauty tools if you cannot clean your brush head once a week. So this is a little lesson on how you should be cleaning your device.
Cleaning the Brush head

Rinse under running water and add a pump of antibacterial soap, such as Detol.clarisoniccleaning

Using a new and cheap toothbrush cleanse the brush head and try to remove any excess makeup or cleanser from the brush. (I find a toothbrush works better because it can get into the hard to reach places)clarisoniccleanlikeapro

Repeat the process for a second time again using antibacterial soap.

Leave the brush head to dry overnight before use.

Cleaning the device

Wipe down the handle of the Clarisonic using alcohol spray (e.g. 99% isopropyl) or disinfectant spray and a clean to clean your clarisonic device

Repeat the same step but for the inside of the device where the handle meets the brush head. Wipe/rinse thoroughly! You can also do this with antibacterial soap if you prefer.

how to clean your clarisonicImportant tips

  • Clean your brush head once a week!
  • Replace brush heads every 3 months
  • Air dry overnight before re-using

Thank you for reading! Now it is your turn to get down and dirty. Keep your skin healthy and fresh by cleaning your cleansing device.
Celia XO