Forget sunburnt, damaged and leathery skin. You don’t need to spend hours in the sun this summer to get a gorgeous glow. Why not keep your skin healthy and try out these instant alternatives. Here are my golden picks!

Lush Cosmetics – Lustre Body Powder


A very under hyped product created by the bath gods, Lush. This body lustre will NOT disappoint. Think, Egyptian goddess…but with more sparkle! Body Lustre is a fine golden mica with a luminous finish. The gold pigment is very buildable and suits even the fairest of skin tones. For best application, apply this powder evenly to the skin, using your hands in circular motions. You can keep building up the gold colour by applying more as you go. But it doesn’t stop there. Lush didn’t just create an amazing gold fairy dust for the skin. They added in the bonus of a divine frangipani fragrance. Seriously!

Gorgeous Cosmetics cheek cream – Crème Brûlée


Buff in the Crème Brûlée cheek cream for the ultimate poolside in the Bahamas glow. This cheek cream gives you a pop of colour, luminescence and a sexy finish on the cheekbones. A little bit goes a long way. Using a pinch of product on a duo fibre brush, I buff this into the skin after I have applied foundation. It gives a lovely bronze/gold colour to the cheeks and has a dewy finish. You can apply this to other areas of the face and body too – but avoid the t-zone as it will leave you looking oily.

Josie Maran Argan illuminizer


Argan infused goodness? Yes please. Combining hydration with beautification! Josie Maran has created this golden/bronze argan illuminator, giving a reflective glow like no other. I love to mix a pump of the Argan illuminator into my favourite foundation. It adds a luminescent quality to the skin and a subtle golden cast. The formula is a creamy bronze liquid with the finest gold sparkles I’ve ever seen. You can use this as a primer, or to highlight certain areas of the face, add into your foundation, apply to your body or even as a moisturiser.

Fake Bake Tinted body glow


This is the holy grail of instant tans. Fake Bake’s Tinted body glow is a wash off bronzing whip. Liquid gold! (Just don’t get caught in the rain wearing this one haha) It was designed for the face and body. But it is very sparkly, so I prefer to apply to my body only. A little bit goes a long way, and like the rest of the Fake Bake range – it dries quite quickly. So it is best to put on a little bit at a time. This product is seriously a life saver. It gives you a few shades darker than your natural colour. It spreads on just like a moisturiser and viola! So now you don’t have to worry about last minute tanning nightmares. You look like you’ve stepped of a plane from a tropical holiday.

Nars Orgasm illuminator


Looks can be deceiving. The Orgasm illuminator by Nars certainly looks like it would pack a punch of colour. But the rose gold product is almost sheer when applied to the skin. Orgasm offers a very light veil of radiance that would be perfect for those with an oily skin type. There can sometimes be a fine line with dewy skin and oily skin and it can be challenging to find the right product. But this is so subtle, making it very well suited to oilier skins. Rather than a golden bronze like many of the other products I’ve talked about – This product has a pink undertone, which is why I would call it a ‘rose gold’. Use this on the face or body for a hint of radiance. If you are looking for something with more pigment or wow factor, this is not the product for you.

It is so easy to give the illusion of a ‘summer glow’ without damaging your skin. Any girl can go to the beach and get a leathery, unhealthy tan. But it is more unique to be the girl in the room that is really glowing! She may not be the most tanned, but she radiates beauty from the inside out.



Thank you for reading.


Celia xx