Beauty and makeup for a long time has been a primary interest of mine. Sharing my background knowledge, education and work with you all, I’m hoping it will offer valuable experience and give you the confidence to harness your best self.

Using quality sources, raw accounts and interviews with field experts my aim is to provide real information, for real women. Too often I read nonsensical blog articles that are more opinion then fact – leaving you feeling more confused and misinformed then when you began reading.

Let me tell you a bit about my background, I am a qualified makeup artist and beauty therapist; graduating from two diplomas by the time I was 19. Easily impressioned and creative from a young age my interest in studying in the beauty industry began when I started photography classes outside of school. As part of these classes we had to design our own shoot – organising the makeup, hair, clothing, everything. This is when I began experimenting by creating different makeup looks on my models and photographing them. To this day I am still proud of the work I produced considering I was only 16. It inspired me to harness that creativity and enter into the beauty/makeup industry at the age of 16.

After studying I worked in a couple different salons as a beauty therapist; specializing in skin. Last year I completed my postgraduate study with the Dermal Institute – I finally reached Dermalogica’s expert status. Only a few hundred in Australia have accomplished that level of skin training. But that is enough about me! is about the desire to self improve, build confidence and a self esteem by looking and feeling your best.



Celia XO