Welcome July!! We are now in the middle of winter, and hopefully not too far away from Spring (I can dream). June was a great month for me. I met a lot of personal goals that were set and built some great new friendships. Today is just a quick post of my favourite products of June and why I love them so much.



Mod noir is the new Sephora exclusive fragrance by Marc Jacobs. It recently landed in store – the release date was June 18th. This is easily my favourite perfume I have ever owned. Anything Gardenia scented I am obsessed with. This is no exception. Mod Noir oozes luxury with hint of a sweet feminine top note. It really brightens up the colder months by wearing it, something I would naturally label as a spring/summery scent. I would describe it as breath of fresh air to distract you from the cold. I have worn Mod Noir everyday since receiving it and have had so many people compliment and ask for the scent. This will be my new ‘signature’ scent. It is classy and luxurious but in a soft and feminine way. SO IN LOVE WITH THIS.





I purchased this earlier in the month and it has made a HUGE difference to how clean my brushes are, with minimal effort. I used to stand there for a couple of minutes washing each brush by hand. But now it only about takes me 20-30 seconds for eye brushes and 1 minute for foundation/large brushes. This glove is a game changer for any makeup artist or brush hoarder alike.





A long awaited and hyped illuminator by Laura Mercier. This was part of the Un Été À Ibiza collection for June. Indiscretion has lived up to its hype! The colour is very unique in itself. A soft rose gold shade that I have never seen before in any highlighter on the market! It is quite pigmented just with 1-2 strokes. But if you were planning to “Strobe” your highlight, you would obviously have to build the product up. Most women with fair completions will find a lot of ‘highlighters’ with gold undertones are too dark/bronzed to use up on the upper cheekbone. Almost appearing as a bronzer. However I found Indiscretion was still very light and radiating a beautiful natural glow.





I had never previously used a diffuser before this! But as soon as I put this into my makeup room I could smell the difference. A diffuser is very different from a standard candle. Candles have a very strong scent that only lasts for the time frame the candle is lit. Diffusers are awesome because the scent isn’t overwhelming but keeps the room fresh by slowly releasing the fragrance. This particular diffuser was Gardenia scented…see what I mean about being obsessed with Gardenias? Ha-ha. It smells EXACTLY like the flower if you were to go up and pick one from your garden. Very fresh, soft and organic.





Celia xo