The ultimate day spa experience



This place really is something special. I had booked in for the autumn spa luxury package last week and went in on the Monday not knowing what to expect. Can you even imagine a day spa that offers everything from luxurious body treatments to hair extensions and injectables? I have never heard of such a thing! But I am so glad I’ve found this gem….They are located in between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, at Raby Bay.


On arrival I was asked to fill out a client consultation form and was offered tea whilst I waited. I was then quickly ushered into the changing area. After changing into my Harbour Day Spa Robe and slippers I got to sit in the recovery room of the spa to unwind before my treatment began. The recovery room is where all spa clients begin and end their treatments. Candles covered all corners of the room, the lights above dimly lit. It was a room of complete quiescence and calm.harbour day spa

Soon thereafter the lovely therapist Laura escorted me into the treatment room. The room was softly decorated with floral arrangements and candles. The autumn package was introduced with an almond and orange food scrub. A bowl of warm water beneath me was adorned with petals. I was sitting upright in a comfy chair getting familiar with my surroundings. From a beauty therapist perspective I think this is a great way to start off any treatment. It gets you comfortable with your therapist and surroundings, whilst also cleaning the feet is important before starting a body treatment. You wouldn’t get into your bed with dirty feet would you? It is the exact same feeling when having a spa treatment.


The aromatherapy massage followed. It started with a few dry body brush movements and clever use of hot stones to warm up the muscles. Dry body brushing is one of my favourite feelings. There is an abundance of benefits as well. I strongly recommend having one at home to use. This massage was fantastic; I felt simultaneously relaxed and energised. I really needed this massage and I thank Laura for doing such a fantastic treatment. Most of us view massage as a treatment of luxury. However, there needs to be more emphasis on the significant impact massage has on your mind and body. Treating yourself regularly may have more health benefits than you think!


The package finishes off with a hydrating facial; customised to your skin and a warm coconut scalp treatment. I hadn’t had a facial in about 4 months so my skin desperately needed one. Harbour Day Spa uses O Cosmedics and Emergin C for their facial treatments. Both brands have very high levels of active ingredients and results driven products. I loved the way it made my skin feel! My face is also a lot clearer and decongested, almost a week after my treatment. The therapist was also very knowledgeable on treatment and aftercare of the skin.


I really didn’t want the pampering to end! The point of difference with Harbour Day Spa is that they have the complete package in one place. Hair stylists and makeup artists that can take great care of you after your treatment. I felt so beautiful walking out of the salon that day. My hair was freshly washed, blowdryed and curled after my coconut hair mask. My makeup application was done beautifully also. Using the Curtis Collection range – an Australian made mineral makeup, which gave me a fresh and flawless look. The day spa has won several awards for customer care; in both the hair and spa components. I can easily see why! If you’re looking for a complete head to toe transformation, inside and out, I would absolutely recommend Harbour Day Spa to you.


Below is their contact information:

Harbour Day Spa, 152-156 Shore Street West, Cleveland, Brisbane, Queensland, 4163

Raby Bay: 07 3821 2955