retinol anti-aging superstarSkin experts say retinol is the anti-aging superstar we should all be using for more youthful skin. Vitamin A is a famous molecule that goes by many names. You may hear vitamin A listed as an ingredient such as retinol, retin-a, retinyl palmitate, steiva-a, tretinoin or retinoic acid. Made popular by the prescription drug Retin-A, this vitamin A molecule has become a household name in anti-aging.

Retinol is potent antioxidant that will regulate cell turn over, improve the health of your skin and increase the production of collagen and GAGs. Once topically applied to the skin Retinol will penetrate deeply through your top layers and go deep into the dermis. Once absorbed into the innermost layers of the skin it has the ability to repair the DNA structure of damaged skin cells. Which is absolutely amazing!


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For this reason alone, you can see how this ingredient can drastically improve the appearance of wrinkles, textural irregularities and even help to reduce sun damage. By repairing the DNA and increasing collagen production the skin will become plump, and ultimately firmer and beautiful looking skin

Retinol can be found in many skincare products, as well as by prescription from a dermatologist commonly known as Retin-A or Steiva-a. These prescription medications are highly concentrated formulas that are used in cases where a patient would like quick and radical results. However these high concentration medications do come with higher risk of side affects.

A downside to using Vitamin A is that your skin will become photo-sensitive. Meaning daily SPF protection is absolutely essential and steering clear of any sun exposing activities. This can be limiting for some people especially if they are involved in regular sport and outdoor activities. Retinol can also cause a skin reaction known as a ‘Retinol reaction’. This is when the skin reacts to the sudden exposure of vitamin A. If you have not used vitamin A products before, you should begin by using the product every 2-3 nights, building up to every night once the skin has gained tolerance. However, I would always recommend consulting a doctor or skin therapist before trying retinol products.


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