sheetmask2Sheet masking is a popular Korean innovation that has finally hit the shores of Australia in recent years. Using a cocktail of powerful ingredients the sheeting is completely saturated with serum. Sheet masks are a one-off treatment (usually purchased in value pack) that are to be used in replacement of traditional cream or gel masks. Although sheet masks share some quirky similarities to the likes of Hannibal Lecter and Michael Myers when you apply them. You won’t look anywhere near as creepy or morbid when you remove it! In fact this is a really fantastic treatment to do before a special occasion because the results you see instant and incredible.

For dull, aging and dehydrated skin sheet masking is the perfect treatment to add into your routine. Once or twice a week is more than enough to see a youthful, hydrated and glowing complexion. There are celebrities and skincare junkies that swear by using a sheet mask every day, some even sleeping with one on! Because the mask is ‘one size fits all’ adjusting the sheet to work appropriately with the contours of your face is crucial. If you want the best possible outcome from each treatment, it is recommended to lie down whilst the mask is applied.


The science behind any sheet mask’s instant plumping and hydrating effect is actually in the sheeting itself. Mask sheeting is made from bio-cellulose or cloth material, which forms an effective occlusive barrier over the skin. This means that the serum actually locks into the skin rather than evaporating into the air. Almost every skin type can benefit from these treatments. If you are looking for more plump, glowing and hydrated skin sheet masking is a fabulous product for you to try.

Current favourites:

SK-II Facial treatment mask

Lonvitalite – C5 Coffee Anti-Fatigue Face Mask and C2 Collagen Protein Wrinkle Removing Mask


Lots of love,

Celia xoxo