Great skincare that fits your skin type and conditions will make a world of difference to your skins health and appearance. I cannot stress enough how damaging the incorrect products can be, and how important it is to be giving the skin the right nurtients. We all feed the inside of our body, so please don’t forget the outside. The largest organ our body has! Today I will be sharing with you my current skin regime with an in depth description of each product, their benefits and what skin type is suitable for each.


My skin type and current conditions

Skin type – combination with dry tendencies

Breakouts – hormonal breakouts once a month

Dryness – due to the winter months

Pigmentation – from not wearing sunscreen previously


Things I am currently trying prevent/change:

Getting anymore pigmentation = SPF protection

Getting rid of the build up of dry skin = Exfoliate and hydrate

Preventing further breakouts as much as possible = Exfoliate and hydrate


healthy skin is in

Trilogy cream cleanser

This luxurious creamy cleanser I use both morning and night in a double cleanse routine (think of shampoo – you always wash your hair twice) same goes for cleanser. It is an extremely nourishing cleanser, leaving your skin feeling more hydrated than ever. It contains rosehip, evening primrose and carrot. Making this the ultimate cleanser for mature and dry skin types. I prefer to use a creamy cleanser because of its hydrating benefits during winter. The milky aspect and high oil content means it is great for makeup removal as well.



Lush Ultra bland facial cleanser

Although I am a huge cosmeceutical skincare fanatic, there are a couple of natural products I use. These products are not going to harm my skin in anyway and are just a bit of fun. The Ultrabland cleanser I use as a makeup remover. I would describe it as a ‘balm’ with a very thick and buttery consistency. It contains bee’s wax, which is a natural and safe product to use around the eye area. Warm this product up in your fingertips and apply to the face in a circular motion. Then with a couple of wet cotton pads I remove the residue. This is a great lazy day product, to use for eye makeup and foundation removal.



Skinstitut Glycolic scrub 14%

Skinstitut’s Glycolic scrub is my absolute favourite exfoliant on the market. This is a ‘no frills’ product, with no strong scent or fluffy additive’s. Considering the price point is around $30 for a 200ml bottle, I consider it extremely cost effective! Exfoliation is an important tool that is often overlooked. Most dry skin conditions can be diffused with a change in exfoliant, not a change in moisturiser. The reason for this is because the exfoliant melts away the surface debris and layers giving ample opportunity for the moisturiser to penetrate the skin more effectively. This product is a chemical exfoliant containing 14% glycolic acid, as well as a physical exfoliant with small granular beads. Chemical exfoliants are great for all skintypes excluding irritated, sensitized and red. It is also a great product for oily skin, clearing up the surface debris to prevent breakouts from occurring. This product is quite active – therefore I would start off by using this twice a week and build up to more. I am currently using this 3-4 nights a week with my clarisonic.



Trilogy Rosapene Night cream

This is a new favourite of mine. The Rosapene night cream is an absolutely divine product. It is filled with antioxidants and nourishing botanicals to help fight early signs of ageing. Rosapene is a trilogy exclusive and trademarked ingredient. It is a blend of seed oil using; rosehip seed oil for EFA (essential fatty acids), Oat extract for soothing and calming purposes, Tomato seed oil an antioxidant used to protect the skin from free radicals, Cranberry seed oil for EFAs as well as antioxidant properties and vitamin A, Acai seed oil for nourish the lipid barrier and encouraging new collagen production. I love this product because it makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated when I wake up every morning, but also I know that is doing a lot under the surface that promotes restoring, rehydrating and prevention of further damage. It is a very heavy product therefore I would say it is only suitable for dryer, sensitive and Mature skin types. It is the ultimate winter weapon for combating dry skin.



Sanctuary Spa – Stop the clock SPF 15

Sun protection is a vital part of any regime, regardless of the skin type. I use this SPF moisturiser every morning, rain, hail or shine. This product is a moisturiser with a physical sunscreen base. It contains zinc oxide, which is not only used for sun protection it contains powerful healing properties. The stop the clock moisturiser immediately feels hydrating on the skin, with a medium consistency and a strong presence of sunscreen within the formula. The reason it feels immediately hydrating is because it contains royal jelly, honey, shea butter and jojoba. A wealth of nourishing ingredients! I like this product because of the hydrating and protecting benefits it has to the skin!



Trilogy Mineral Radiance mask

The mineral radiance mask is my favourite clay mask I have ever come across working as a beauty therapist! Kaolin clay is known to purify and deeply cleanse the skin. But on the other hand the rosehip, evening primrose and pohutukawa are deeply hydrating the skin. Making it the perfect mask for dry, mature and combination skin types. It feels super creamy, and dries on the skin nicely. Unlike many clay masks it will not leave you feeling like a cracked and dry desert. It is a great luxury product to add to my skincare regime which I use once a week.



Lush Cupcake facemask

The cupcake facemask is a cute and delicious way to pamper yourself. The ingredients are all natural, so it makes your skin feel lovely on the surface but doesn’t offer much else than that. It is a fluffy treatment that I do once a week to make myself feel great, whilst also hydrating and smoothing the skins surface. This product would be suitable for all skin types except sensitive because it contains fragrance. It is a very thick mask that literally makes you smell like a delicious chocolate cupcake. Such a great bit of fun!



Since beginning this regime my skin has been feeling a lot smoother, clearer and more hydrated! In order to continue seeing results from a regime I recommend alternating products and mixing it up ever few months so your skin doesn’t build up a tolerance. Much like shampoo and conditioner! If you have any questions about the products leave a comment below. I will also leave each brands website below.




Trilogy –

Skinstitut –

Sanctuary Spa –

Lush Cosmetics –





Thank you so much for reading!

XO Celia