Designed to feed the hair Superfood Hair Masques are said to contain several essential nutrients that will restore the life of your damaged locks. Using a three step approach, each hair masque is unique and valuable in different ways. In a one week there are three hair treatments which are to be done two days apart from each other.

The three step system is a results driven approach combining the best ‘superfoods’ for your hair. I started using the masques 1 month ago and my hair is feeling amazing! Each treatment is to be left on the hair for a minimum of 5-7 minutes. However, I found it was really great to leave these overnight if you have the extra time in the morning to wash it out.

#1 HYDRATE – Manuka honey and Coconut oil


The first treatment is a hydrating hair masque. Created with manuka honey and coconut oil, these two extremely nourishing natural ingredients have been combined to hydrate and retain moisture within the hair shaft. This was my favourite treatment because of the tropical coconut scent as well as the results. It left my hair feeling extremely soft for several days!

#2 HEAL – Acai Berry and Argan oil


The healing treatment is a superfood dream. Made with Acai berry and my personal favourite superfood Argan oil, this treatment is packed full of benefits. Packed full of protein, omega 3, essential fatty acids and vitamins you could say this masque is the most hardworking of the trio. It works on treating split ends as well as enhancing the health of your hair.

#3 SHINE – Macadamia oil


The last masque of the week is all about creating shine and lustre. Macadamia oil contains a huge amount of omega 7. Which is a light weight oil that hydrates the hair as well as creating a high sheen effect. Although I am not a huge fan of macadamias because of the scent. This mask really does create an amazing shine and silky texture to the hair.

Overall I think the Superfood Hair masques are an absolutely fabulous hair treatment that you can incorporate into your routine. I highly recommend this trio for those with colour damaged hair or even just to use as concentrated hair treatment when your hair is needing that extra bit of TLC.

Lots of love,


Celia xoxo


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