As someone who lives on the Gold Coast I can say without hesitation, fake tanning is BIG. Yes, I get spray tans regularly and really enjoy the darker side of life ha-ha! A tan gives the skin a healthy glow, and can generally boost confidence in your appearance. Fake tanning can be a daunting experience, frustrating and sometimes embarrassing for those who first start, not knowing where to go or what to do. This post will focus on how to stay dark for longer, less patches and the key to having a natural looking tan.




What type and brand of tan should you use:

Even with a great prep and post routine, the crucial part is picking the right tanning solution for you. I continue to use the same brands week in-week out and ALWAYS choose 2hr tans – tan stained bed sheets are very old school ha-ha! Tanning has evolved since then and I am embracing that.[spacer]

Its important to note that every skin reacts differently; so I cannot say exactly which brand each individual should use. However there are a few brands I steer clear of (particularly for very fair skins), and there are a few tried and trusted brands, which I will list below. This is only my opinion based on all the great and the not so great tans I have had over the years. Please don’t be offended or take it to heart if you already use these brands and they work for you. It is totally a personal preference!


Brands I avoid:

  • Naked tan – I have had so many orange spray tans from this brand.
  • Black magic 2hr dark- only a warning for the more pale girls. It can throw orange. I would suggest the standard 2hr tan.
  • Moroccan tan 2hr dark – Also can look very unnatural on paler skin. Go for the medium shade!

Brands I love:

  • Chevron Island tan – I was introduced to this brand at my last salon, LOVE LOVE LOVE
  • St Tropez, – This is probably my favourite tan, it won’t be as dark as some of the other brands but I think it’s the most natural.



The day before you get a spray tan or apply your own tan you will need to exfoliate. My weapons of choice include:

A dry body brush from Woolworths – I prefer this method rather than using a glove, because I find its less expensive and more effective. The gloves tend to wear down after a few uses.QVS-Oval-Wooden-Bath-Brush-6938294620014

My new Beach Body Scrub from QT Body Care – with a mixture of sea salt, sand and kelp this scrub invigorates the skin and body. It has a very granular texture, which, is perfect for pre and post tan. Scented with a refreshing hit of citrus- to renew and revive.



Post tan – Prolonging colour

Every morning after my tan I will moisturise my body – currently using a boutique brand body cream. I find the richer/thicker the cream works best.DSC_0372

Every evening (excluding the first day) I apply an even and thin layer of St Tropez gradual tan lotion. This is a two in one, hydrating and a gradual tanner. It won’t give you much extra colour but instead will leave you darker for longer.




The morning and night before exfoliating I will use my Skinstitut Lactic cleanser as a body wash. This will make it easier to remove, as Lactic acid is a mild chemical exfoliant and will start to remove the top layer of cells.[spacer]

The next afternoon I will scrub off my tan once again using the dry body brush from Woolworths and the QT bodycare scrub. Using this method I can get pretty much all of my tan off. Sometimes there is a little bit left on the feet or knees. So in the morning I jump into the shower and scrub over these areas again.[spacer]


And voila! Stay darker for longer and scrub for shorter. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what your favourite tan is below in the comments!



XO Celia