A guide to trick people into thinking you are not hungover

So it’s the morning after a huge night on the town. You’re tired; you look disgusting and feel even worse. I don’t have all the answers to make that headache go away, but I do have a few secret weapons that I use to trick others into thinking I wasn’t out the night before. You’ll look so good that you couldn’t have possibly been that girl throwing your bra at the DJ last night or demolishing those chicken nuggets at 3am in Surfers Paradise. Here are the top 6 steps/products in my hangover beauty bible.


  1. Get in the shower and scrub away all your regrets from the night before using Premium Spa Australia – Salt body scrub in lemon butter. It has such an amazing scent. It will definitely help to wake you up and make you smell delicious! It has a mixture of refreshing essential oils such as lavender, basil, lime, grapefruit to name a few. I received this scrub when I attended a beauty blogging event a couple of weeks ago and I’ve almost gone through the entire thing.image1 2
  2. Remove the remainder of your makeup that didn’t sweat off the night before using a MIA2 Clarisonic. If you manage to cleanse your skin whilst drunk I salute you! Anyone that remembers to do that whilst intoxicated is a cut above us all. I use my Clarisonic every day to remove my makeup. Seriously it’s a 1-minute job and my skin is left feeling completely clean and fresh. I would never go back to manually cleansing now that I have seen just how much makeup you actually miss!image2 2
  3. A lot of girls get this next part wrong. The more makeup you put on doesn’t equal the less hung-over you look. Treating your skin after a night out is a huge make or break. You will look 1000 times better after using Benefit ‘its potent’ eye cream and a Lush cupcake facemask. These are my two latest hero products right now. I couldn’t believe how significant the difference is. Pop on a thick layer of eye cream and leave it to soak for 15 minutes. Do the same with your cupcake facemask and then remove using a wet washer/ flannelette. You will honestly thank me later!image3 image5
  4. Before applying foundation make sure you are using a heavy-duty concealer. You will need all the help you can get after a big night out! An orange/terracotta based correcting concealer will cover any darkness you’re worried about. Blend this underneath and into the inner corner of your eyes. My favourite correcting concealers right now are the one’ by Napoleon Perdis or my Ben Nye concealer palette which is pictured below.image6
  5. Finish off your look with dry shampoo. I couldn’t think of anything worse than washing and blow drying my hair with a pounding headache. This will be your best friend. Spray a generous amount around the hairline and anywhere else that appears visibly oily/dirty.image7
  6. If you really want to appear sober and well rested try not to throw up on anybody today – and delete all available photo evidence on the embarrassing things you did last night.



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