There is nothing worse than ruining your clothes after a fake tan. Even though the tanning development time has been drastically improved in recent times, you still need to stake out your tan for at least two hours. Discomfort levels are at an all time high and the sticky feeling drives us all insane.

the little tanning dress

If you don’t want to ruin your clothes with fake tan marks, you could try a sarong. Yes, that’s right just tie a loose piece of cloth around your sticky body and hope for the best as you run from the salon to your car. My key lesson from this experience is to beware of windy days! Or you could learn from my mistake of losing my sarong in public by switching to the LTD ‘The Little Tanning Dress’.


This is my designated LBD for tanning! I wear the style ‘Emmy’ by the company ‘The Little Tanning Dress”. They have created a line of tanning apparel that is designed to wear whilst your tan is developing! How awesome is that?! I also highly recommend using Cocoa Brown tan if you are looking for a self tan that gives you a perfect, natural looking glow. I recently featured their products in a tutorial on Tontouring if you would like to check that out below.


These dresses are made from super light weight and breathable material that will make your tanning experience more comfortable. Forget staining your nice clothes or stressing about looking daggy. There are several stylish dresses you can choose from.

The Emmy dress retails for $49.95 and is available online through

You can also find more information on Cocoa Brown tanning products at their website here:


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Celia xo