The Showpony Hair Extension series: My journey


My hair extensions are apart of me. They make me feel more feminine and glamorous within my everyday life. I think one of the biggest misconceptions with hair extensions is that they will be time consuming and difficult to manage.

I can certainly attest to this as a false statement. Hair styling is not a task that comes naturally for myself, and I found that managing my own tresses was quite a painful task. In fact my hair was very ordinary and it took a lot of time spent in the bathroom… with copious amounts products and tools, to have it looking EXTRA-ordinary.

I started experimenting with hair extensions from the age of 15. Dabbling in microbeads, clip-ins, beaded wefts and sew in wefts. I’ve done them all! My current hair extensions with Showpony Hair have been my first successful experience.

I have been wearing Showpony Hair extensions in the tape method for just over a month now. It has been by far the easiest transition from natural hair I’ve ever been through.

The biggest thing that sets Showpony Hair extensions apart from previous experiences is the amazing hair quality. The quality creates an ‘extension of your own natural hair’ rather then ‘hair extensions.’ It is a more glamorous and beautiful version of my own hair, now appearing extra-ordinary from day to day.



It is just amazing what a bit of extra hair can do…

For example: If I wear it in plait to bed. I will wake up, brush out the plait and am left with thick bohemian waves. OR in two seconds flat I can put my hair up into a big, glamorous topknot.

The Showpony tape hair extensions that I wear, are a blend of European and Indian hair. The European hair will increase the likeness to my natural hair and will have very soft, silky strands. The Indian blend gives the hair a more robust and strong nature, to decrease the chance of breakages. Especially considering the amount of heating tools a lot of us use daily!

The team has totally transformed my perception of hair extensions. It is not just about getting the longest hair possible. You can do things with hair extensions I never even knew were possible.

Three things I didn’t know you could do with hair extensions:

Create a balayage effect or colour alterations – Not sure about taking the plunge and bleaching your ends? This can be done using Showpony hair instead. Saving you the damage and the colour commitment associated. Stylists will use a cascade of highlights and lowlights to transform your all over colour into beautiful balayage tresses.

Change your hairstyle – Hair extensions can be used to completely change your look in just a couple of hours. Straight cuts and boring styles can be transformed into concave dos and textured layers.

Work that ponytail – Showpony Hair has an amazing ponytail hair extension collection that will take your take your up-do to a whole other level. These are effortless and look absolutely stunning! (I will touch more on the types of hair extension within the series.)

The Showpony Hair Extensions post series is all about changing your perception on hair extensions… I absolutely needed to write about this because it has totally changed my own perception. Now it is your turn to be educated.


Over the season I will be talking to you about everything extensions.

  • Methods – Which one is right for you and installation
  • How to look after your Showpony hair extensions
  • The biggest myths about hair extensions

I hope you enjoyed this post and I cannot wait to share more.

Celia xo


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