Mui Mui’s first fragrance


It’s a nice to have a change from the sickly sweet fragrances we see saturating the market. Mui Mui has created their first fragrance, and it is extremely soft. Some may say…modest? I can’t say it is a stand out fragrance that would be immediately recognisable for the brand Mui Mui. It is missing the Mui Mui vintage quirk. But regardless I think it is lovely on the right woman!

The Mui Mui woman is portrayed here as a delicate and gentle individual. One that greets you with equal pleasantness to a flower. The immediate top note is lily of the valley. The introduction of white floral emulates a light and airy aura that Mui Mui has chosen to represent their golden girl. She is an innocent being that is kind, gentle and pure in all respects.

This light beginning is followed strongly by green notes giving the Mui Mui woman that perfect crisp, clean finish that you would associate with purity. These green notes are uplifting and energising. But I would never say the Mui Mui woman was bold or sexy. Those are the ones I naturally reach for if I am going out on the town. Instead, this is very well suited as a daytime fragrance. It is important to note the scent doesn’t linger for very long. Because of the very subtle tone I love to reapply this throughout the day, being the fragrance junkie that I am.

mui mui's first fragrance

The bottle has a darling vintage 1960’s vibe, which identifies well with the Mui Mui brand we all know and love. The baby blue, red and gold accent really compliments each other and creates a luxurious feel to the fragrance. This is available for purchase at David Jones and Myer stores across the country. Perfect timing in the season of Spring! I will be eagerly awaiting their next release to see how the brand grows in the fragrance world.