Hi beauties,

Here are three really cool and interesting little hair accessories that could save you time, effort and possibly save you from having a bad hair day!

Carbon straigtening comb – Cricket Co


This should be every girl’s secret weapon when it comes to straightening hair. This straigtening comb cuts your GHD time down, as well as creating a perfectly smooth and knot-free base to work with. I recommend to brush your hair with a normal detangler first. Then as you straighten your hair, use the Carbon straightening comb to separate and smooth out the section as you run the GHD through the hair.

Curl up – sponge hair rollers


Curl Up hair rollers are a fun way to create casual looking curls overnight or even in a few hours. Using slightly damp hair, you can roll up sections of hair into the sponge and leave to sit for a few hours. If you are wanting a more bouncier curl, leave them in overnight. The sponges are quite soft, meaning they would be reasonably comfortable to sleep in. You won’t get that GHD curl look with this product. But this is a perfect trick if you are looking to achieve bohemian/beach style waves.

Scunci value pack



A cute little Scunci pack came inside the goodie bags at the Doll Connection event. I must say this is a very handy little kit to keep in your purse. The pouch contains a generous amount of hair ties, bobby pins, clear elastics, a hair band and hair clip. Say goodbye to hair emergencies!


Thank you for reading

Love Celia xx