Lace for the face? The unique face masks made by Trefiel are the new trend taking over Instagram.trefiel lace face mask

What are they?

Trefiel lace mask is basically just a sheet mask, designed to be applied to the face in two-pieces. Then peeled off when finished. The sheet mask is made from Bio-cellulose, which is an extremely popular type of sheeting. The bio-cellulose sheeting acts as a barrier for the formula, and acts as a mechanism of action for the ingredients to infuse into the skin.

The reason it appears in a beautiful lacey pattern is because Trefiel have printed this design onto the sheeting. I think the lace design is very elegant and unique. It certainly brings back excitement to my skin routine. Most skincare products delight our sense of smell and touch. But this face also brings a unique visual aspect to its appeal.

How it feels? First impressions.

The mask has a thick gel texture, which is immediately cooling on the skin. It feels very comfortable to wear. However whenever I use sheet masks I try to sit or lay down to avoid disrupting the process. The bio-cellulose helps infuse the products into the skin when it is placed on properly, so it is best not to move around too much. After 20 minutes on the skin it is time for the mask to come off. My skin felt extremely hydrated and plump, which is to be expected from the ingredients.

trefiel lace face masks

Who would it suit?

I think this would be a great facemask for any skin type looking to add more moisture into the skin. It would be greatly beneficial for dry and sensitive skin types. But even oily skins could use this once a week to help hydrate and balance the skin.

Key ingredients include: Hyaluronic acid (deep hydration)

Aloe vera extract (soothing, hydration, healing)

Vitamin e (healing, nourishing, antioxidant)

Several plant extracts – for hydrating, antioxidant boosting and collagen stimulating