V10 Plus Japanese Serum Review


As you may know, Japan’s beauty industry is one of the leading skincare and beauty powers of the world. Some of the beauty innovations made over the past 10 years in Japan has been amazing. Others have been a little strange… like the Uguisu Bird poo facials that Victoria Beckham swears by. But nevertheless Japan is at the forefront of the industry. I have been lucky enough to trial V10 plus over the past 8 weeks and wanted to introduce you to my new favourite serums that I am currently using.


V10 plus is all about ‘serum technology’. They have 11 different serums for various skin conditions and types and for best results you want to layer these serums morning and night.

It may appear a little complex at first, but throughout the trial I saw a lot of advantages to this approach. I just thought it was a really cool concept, and loved the benefits!

Why use serums and layer them?


Like all high quality serums, the V10 plus serums are a concentrated emulsion. This means that rather than using a thick moisturiser that may only treat 1-2 skin concerns, you can apply each serum that is specifically formulated for your concerns. Allowing you to treat several skin conditions each morning and night, which is a completely customisable approach! Serums use the purest form of the ingredients to treat concerns. There are no fillers, parabens and nasties. The pure goodness is easily absorbed into the skin. Oily skin types particularly will fall in love with this technique. You are giving the skin the nutrients it requires without clogging the skin or leaving filler products on the surface.

Serums I use and love <3


BIO CELL Serum – Bio cell serum is the anti-aging hero product. This is in my top two serums from the V10 plus range. It is all about repairing the skin on a cellular level. If you were able to look at your skin under a microscope you will see that as our skin ages, the cells become more irregular and disorganized. They slowly stop functioning the way they should and that’s what gives the skin an aged appearance. Bio cell contains apple stem cell, which help to repair, reorganize and stimulate the cells to function normally. I particularly like the texture of this serum; it is similar to royal jelly. On a superficial level my skin feels firmer and more hydrated.


Collagen Serum – Collagen is a major building block in the human body, found abundantly in the skin, hair, nail and muscle tissue. V10 plus uses marine collagen to replace collagen broken down by aging and to accelerate the production of natural collagen proteins. You may have heard of marine collagen from the very popular Japanese beauty supplements and drinks available. Or from the best selling Elemis face cream ‘Pro collagen marine cream’. V10 plus collagen serum was great for smoothing and plumping the skin. The bio cell and collagen serum are perfect product partners for anti-ageing.


Hyaluronic Acid Serum – V10 plus hyaluronic acid serum is an award winning beauty product, and it is very easy to see why. The hyaluronic acid was extremely pure. I think that hyaluronic acid is comparable to liquid gold. It is an essential hydrator found naturally in the skin. It is used in every good hydrating moisturizer, hydrating serum and is the key ingredient in injectables like juvederm. You can use this on the oiliest of skins without any issues and even as a moisturizer. This product will plump, hydrate and improve the overall health of your skin. A must have in every woman’s routine. I even use this serum before applying makeup.

v10 plus serum

Vitamin-C Serum –Vitamin C is a natural and powerful antioxidant for the skin. It is used to create a radiant glowing skin. I have used vitamin C serums before and unfortunately this didn’t feel as strong as some of the others I’ve tried. I’ve been using cosmeceutical skincare for several years now and vitamin c often tingles when applied. But I didn’t get that tingle with this product. But, in saying that the V10 plus serum would be well suited for an oily skin type because it water-soluble. Unlike many other vitamin c serums that feel greasy on the skin, this was very lightweight and absorbed quickly.

For more information about the V10 plus serum range visit their website below.


Thank you for reading <3


Celia xx