Would you shave your face?

Today I ask you the question, would you shave your face? I’ve been hearing more than ever before that many women are opting to shave their facial hair. Forget threading and waxing…I went back to basics with the ultimate ‘DIY’ facial hair removal. I thought it would be interesting to see what all the fuss was about and share my experience.


So I went down to my local Daiso a very well known Japanese $2 store and picked up a packet of these facial razors. Yes, don’t worry! I wasn’t going to go on an all-out attack using my Venus 5 blade. Something about using 5 blades with a soap attachment on my face did not sit well. These unique tools have a little plastic wand and blade attachment. It is a very simple design, which makes it easy to use.

would you shave your face

For the experiment I decided to shave my eyebrows. Not completely off! Just the fuzzy hairs that sit underneath and above my eyebrow tattoos. With just a couple of glides with the wand my excess hair had disappeared. Much like shaving your legs the area feels so silky and soft straight after.

But this feeling was short lived. I woke up the following morning and had several dark spots underneath my eyebrows. You know when you shave your legs, then the short prickles of hair start to sprout back through the skin. It looked like that…but on my face. MY EYEBROWS HAD A 5’OCLOCK SHADOW! I had high hopes that over the next few days they would improve. But my hairs grew back quicker than ever before, and had a spiky texture. My face looked like a cactus. It wasn’t long before this experiment got called off, and I plucked every single prickle-like hair from my face.

The verdict:

I found facial shaving did not last long, compared to waxing or threading the brows. The texture and appearance was very unflattering as the hairs began poking through the skin. The only *Pro* to facial shaving is that there are no costs and you can do it yourself. But personally I would not recommend trying this.

Celia xo