Using the right beauty tools can mean all the world of difference in the final result of your makeup look. Over the last 6 years I’ve used so many different brands of brushes and found that it was more effective to use a collection of your favourites from many different brands rather than sticking to one sole company. What you use as an artist is a personal preference, however there are 5 universal tools that I think every women should own.

I remember my first brush set was a very ordinary 10 piece synthetic set. At the time I thought they were life changing, as the closest thing I owned to a brush was a dingy old sponge at 14 years old. I cherished those brushes and fondly remember doing all of my friend’s makeup before we went to parties. Now my collection excessively boasts over 200 brushes; ranging from Mac, napoleon, crown brush and many more. The statement “started from the bottom, now where here” couldn’t apply more ha-ha.


MAC 217 



The first brush I’m introducing you to is the Mac 217 brush. If you don’t own this brush, go out and buy 5 of them. I think I own about 11 or 12 of these and this is easily my favourite brush of all time. I use the 217 for blending in concealer, priming the eye area, blending eye shadows, blending anything!! If you are blending around your eyes the 217 will make your life so much easier. This brush is your best friend, your soul mate and your boyfriend. Enough said.


CROWN BRUSH: IB Angled blush



The next brush is the Italian badger collection “angled blush” brush by Crown Brush Australia. This would be one of my oldest brushes in my collection – I’ve owned this since 2011. I use this for blush and bronzer daily. It’s the perfect shape and size for my cheeks. This brush means doing my cheeks and bronzer is effortless. Comparing this to other blush brushes sometimes I’ll dip a brush into my bronzer and it may leave more pigment in one area than another, or will appear caked. My angled brush is the never fail brush for cheeks.


MAC 212




The Mac 212 is another favourite. I was introduced to this style about 7 months ago. It is perfect for eyebrows, contouring small areas, concealing just near your waterline and blending under your lash line. This one brush does the job of about 3 different brushes. So if you need to travel and pack light, the 212 is an essential.


CROWN BRUSH: IB Deluxe oval



This brush is also from the Italian badger collection by Crown brush. The deluxe oval shadow presses glitter, creams and powders into the lid effortlessly. Because it is larger than a standard shadow brush it covers more area in one go, meaning less fall out and fiddling around. It also has great blending ability when it comes to creams and products that are a bit to thick for your 217 brushes.


MAC 187 Duo Fibre






Lastly is the Mac 187 duo fibre brush. I am a big fan of duo fibre brushes because they give such a flawless finish to the skin. I would consider the 187 as “streak proof” when it comes to perfecting your base. It applies and blends all in one. I use this style of brush to blend in foundation, blend highlight or contour creams for large areas, powder application, even body glitter etc. There is a 187 brush that stays in my handbag at all times!


Where can I buy these?


Crown Brush:



XO Celia