Anastasia has landed at


Anastasia Beverly Hills has now landed on! The iconic brand has become more accessible to Aussie beauty lovers then ever before. I was lucky enough to play around, test and fall in love with some of the Anastasia Beverly Hills range in light of this recent launch.

An inside look at my ABH picks

Highlighting Duo Pencil – Matte Camille / Sand Shimmer


This double-sided pencil is the perfect finishing touch to any makeup look. The formula is extremely creamy and easy to blend. The pencil design is great for beginners because it can be applied effortlessly. Matte Camille/Sand Shimmer is the lighter of the two duo pencils available.

Matte Camille is a neutral egg-shell tone that is great for lightening and defining areas and can even be used as an eye-shadow base. My favorite way to use Matte Camille is to glide the pencil over the bottom lash-line, giving the eyes a wider and brighter appearance.


Sand shimmer is a luminous peach/pink tone that is used to highlight and add sparkle to any area you so desire! This shimmery pencil is perfect for adding a finishing touch to your brow bone, cupids bow, inner corner of the eye or anywhere for that matter. It really does dress up your makeup look, and you don’t have to worry about product fallout because of its cream formulation.


Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes – Blonde

Beauty Express is the ultimate starter kit for brows and eyes because it gives you the opportunity to try many ABH products in a stylish compact set. This sleek compact includes an eye-shadow duo, brow powder duo, brow wax, eyebrow stencils, angled applicator brush and even a mirror!

You can shape, define, groom, beautify and highlight all with one small palette. The Beauty Express is a must have for beginner brow groomers and even includes how-to instructions by Anastasia. I was already familiar with the many of the kits featured products. The Blonde brow duo powder has been my go-to for several years! Brow wax is very useful for grooming and fixing hairs into place. I have a couple of unruly hairs that like to grow downwards so this is perfect.

The kit includes 5 brow stencils for a variety of face shapes – Naturally, I use the smallest ‘Petite arch’. Eyebrow stencils are helpful guides for those with natural brows. However since tattooing my eyebrows this step hasn’t really been necessory for me anymore.

Waterproof Creme Colour – Jet Black


After seeing this product used by countless beauty gurus I knew this was a product I had to try for myself. The crème colour is an intensely pigmented gel used for bold wings and smoky eye looks. The formula is extremely creamy and glides on the skin easily. The product is designed as long lasting and waterproof, so once it is set into place it won’t budge. Jet black is easily the most pigmented cream liner I have come across. However it does require some skill to use.


I am absolutely thrilled with my Anastasia Beverly Hills goodies from! To take a peak at the entire launch head over to SEPHORA.COM.AU. The Queen of brows never disappoints.