My focus today is on the Eye of Horus collection. An Australian owned company that is at the forefront of the market, paving the way for women to harness their goddess from within. The eyes are such an important feature, EOH are giving you the tools that enhance this feature. Using strong pigments and innovative packaging your makeup application becomes less challenging and time consuming. Today I will discuss each product I’ve been testing out over the last few weeks.




My favourite product of the entire range would have to be the Liquid define liner. Pictured below is the Babylon brown colour, but it also is available in black. I love using eyeliner pens. This one was quite different to the others I own because the tip isn’t very flexible and bendy. The first time I used it, it was very awkward! But I realised this actually gave you so much more control! It just took a couple times to get used to, now the liquid define is my go-to pen liner. The felt tip is a great size as well. It is not to small and not to thick. The liquid define is a lot more versatile than other pen liners I’ve used, plus once the liner is dry it stays perfectly in place. There is no flaking, smudging or creasing with this pen.




The pencils by EOH are amazing. Pictured below is the colours; teal malachite, bronze amulet and charcoal obsidian. They are SO pigmented! When applied the pencils feel really creamy and blend well. First impression was… Wow! These are so pigmented and blendable. But I was sceptical of the lasting power and wondered if they would smudge easily. To my surprise these pencils dry very quickly. I stress the importance of blending very quickly with these babies. Once they set, they won’t budge!


The packaging design is also very effective. The pencils have a smudging sponge on the top. Which is extremely useful! Blackout smoky eyes have never been easier t0 achieve. The only downside was that this pencil isn’t a big fan of moisture. So you need to make sure your eyes aren’t watering whilst applying this under the eyes. If your eyes are too watery the pigment isn’t as strong and you have to go back and forth a couple of times. To prevent this just brush over your waterline area with a cotton tip before applying bottom liner.


I would also highly recommend the sharpener. Often using the wrong sharpener disfigures these type of pencils. I also tested out a few other branded liners in this sharpener and it was certainly an all-rounder!



The Goddess mascara is great for hydrating and nourishing your lashes. Moringa oil is known to be excellent for moisturising the hair and skin. It was also found in Tutankhamen’s tomb! This would suit someone that’s looking for a natural mascara that isn’t going to damage the lashes, unlike many waterproof ones. However for my particular lashes, it wasn’t the best for holding a curl that lasts all day. My lashes point downwards and are very straight. So using a mascara that holds the curl well is really vital for me. Waterproof mascara usually is the best for my lashes. Which is a shame that it is so bad for them! I would definitely use this day to day to keep my lashes in great condition. The mascara wand is very similar to the YSL babydoll mascara – an absolute favourite! I love the way the Goddess mascara wand separated the lashes, it wasn’t clumpy and made my lashes appear longer.




The design of the dual brow perfect is awesome! One end you have the brow definer and the other is a neat brow gel with a wand applicator. The formula is waxy and glides on to the brows easily. The angle of the pencil creates an effortless application. It has never been easier to shape your arch, definite and sharpen your brows. Next, set your hairs in place using the brow gel. This product is incredible!

DSC_0524 DSC_0527 DSC_0516


I want to say a massive thankyou to Eye of Horus for being kind enough to let me review their collection. Every single product I tried was amazing quality, and I cannot wait to re-purchase their products. I also received a beautiful necklace with my package, which you will be seeing more of later this week! EOH was also generous enough to give all of you beauties 15% off their range, just use the code “Review” at the checkout. Hope you all have a lovely week!

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XO Celia