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There is so much hype and talk around the Becca Cosmetics range right now that they have become a company too hard to ignore. The brand is a favourite amongst many top beauty bloggers and youtubers including the beloved Jaclyn Hill! I couldn’t help but to jump at the opportunity of placing an order online and try some of the range out for myself.

My order arrived from literally the next day! I was so shocked and amazed with the quick delivery time; I ran straight inside and sat on my lounge room floor trying to cut open my package with a house key. Usually I will buy their products in-store when I am touching up my hair colour in Burleigh heads. The salon is called Recreate Yourself Hair and Beauty and is also’s local ‘click and collect’ destination. But it was a nice change getting the products delivered straight to my door.

You are all probably wondering what Becca products did I pick up from RY?

I decided to choose 2 best selling products and 2 products I hadn’t heard much about…these were:

Ultimate coverage complexion cream in Porcelain

Shimmering skin perfector in Moonstone

Ever-matte Poreless Perfecting primer

Pressed Shimmering skin perfector also in moonstone

Ultimate coverage complexion cream in Porcelain


This foundation really took me by surprise. Having heard almost nothing about this product, I couldn’t believe how great it was. I have been wearing this foundation almost every day since it arrived, and absolutely loving the way it sits and feels on my skin. My combination skin with dry tendencies usually has a hard time wearing full coverage foundations because so many of them are designed for oily skin types. This foundation is different because the formula has high water content. Keeping my skin looking fresh, instead of drawing attention to dry areas. Like the name suggests, Becca’s Ultimate coverage complexion cream has a creamy consistency and offers full coverage for a more even skin tone. The foundation has an unusual talc scent, that is not in any way overbearing but it was  surprising because so many foundations are filled with fragrance. It is refreshing to know I am not putting any harmful fragrances on my skin.

Shimmering skin perfector in Moonstone


The Shimmering skin perfector is three in one product that can be used as a primer, illuminator and a light moisturiser. It is a great all rounder to have in your makeup bag. I LOVE using this as a face and eye primer to give my skin a dewy glow and luminous finish. The product is a white gold liquid with light diffusing particles. It has is a thin creamy texture that feels hydrating on the skin, without leaving your skin feeling oily. It also has SPF 20+, perfect to apply under your makeup before leaving home.


Ever-matte Pore-less Perfecting primer

This was the only Becca product I was really disappointed with. I picked the completely wrong thing for my skin type and it just doesn’t feel quite right on me. This primer is designed to keep your skin matte and shine free throughout the day. However I don’t really have a problem with oil or shine so I don’t even know why I picked this. (Probably because I love the idea of being pore free!) The texture is similar to most silicone base primers but rather than feeling velvety, it has a thin sticky layer that sinks into the skin quickly. I think this product would be amazing for an oily skin, because it will put a barrier layer between your skin and the foundation. This would really help to stop the oil flow effecting your flawless foundation. I am going to try this primer again towards summer on really hot days. Because I feel like it would be amazing at stopping shine! I will keep you posted with this one.


Pressed Shimmering skin perfector in moonstone


The pressed shimmering skin perfector in moonstone is my favourite product out of the entire haul (although Becca makes this a very tough decision). It is a pressed highlighter that has the finest pigment I’ve ever seen! It is just amazing! The product glides on the skin with a sheer and illuminating finish. Which doesn’t appear powdery at all. It’s such a versatile product that can be used as little or as much as you like. You could do just a soft glow without wearing makeup. Or you could go all out, Amrezy style because it is so buildable. The colour is white gold, perfect for fairer skin tones that cannot handle too much gold.


I am so happy with my order from and would absolutely recommend trying them out if you needed any new products! Thank you all so much for reading.

Kindest regards


Celia xo



For more information, costs and purchasing these products check out RY below.