Benefit Roller Lash – the best mascara for straight lashes

I am yet to find a better mascara for straight lashes. The Benefit Roller lash has really helped improve my confidence when it comes to my pesky lashes.

best mascara for straight lashes

Being born with very straight, downwards growing lashes makes it so hard to find products that will hold a curl. You can use the best lash curler on the market, but without a good mascara to hold the curl in place the curler becomes useless.

The lash gods have finally invented a great mascara that holds curl. Benefit Roller Lash is designed especially for girls like myself. Benefit markets the Roller Lash as a mascara that you can use for an instant flirty curl without using a lash curler. Saving time and effort in front of the mirror!


For women with normal lashes, the mascara gives an amazing curling effect! It really does live up to its promise for the average woman. But for girls like myself, with very straight lashes…This product is amazing in conjunction with a lash curler. It transforms my downward pointing eyelashes into flirty, perfectly curled ones.

A mascara can’t work miracles. But used hand in hand with an eyelash curler, the product makes a significant improvement to my curl factor. The formula is quite thick, so 1-2 coats is just enough for a great application, without looking clumpy. I find any more than 2 coats is unnecessary and starts to look unnatural. The wand is also very good at getting into hard to reach spots without bumping the skin. Overall I find this mascara really works for me. The formula, curl factor and stay power really transforms my confidence.

best mascara for straight eyelashes

You can read more about the Roller Lash HERE x

Thank you so much for reading.

Celia xo