CRuelty and toxin freePreviously cruelty and toxin free makeup shopping was a confusing and expensive exercise. But there has become such a high demand in the beauty industry to step up and provide for the health conscious individual. That massive social shift has occurred and still is progressing today. I am so happy to be apart of a generation where we will get to effortlessly choose if we want to support animal testing/using animal products and absorb harmful substances into our bodies.

If I thought about buying a beauty product a few years ago, I would automatically dismiss organic brands due to the price and also lack of education regarding what organic even meant. Vegan/animal friendly products were not even discussed widely. You would be blindly unaware that you were washing your face with animal fats and using a lipstick that caused several animals pain. That was just the sad truth.

But now, with education and more transparency within the industry we are starting to see a bright future for these types of products. Not just the fact that they are now mass producing organic, vegan, cruelty free products but also the quality over time has really stepped up to compete with mainstream brands.

The online beauty store is great example of how we now have the freedom of choice. So today I am going to show you all of the beauty products I trialled and loved from 100% Pure Cosmetics. stocks a wide variety of high quality skincare, makeup, body care, hair care and even products like tea, supplements and toxin free cleaning products!

100% Pure Brightening Concealer – Corrector


I was quite impressed with the versatility and quality of this product. The Brightening concealer is ideal for correcting under eye darkness and making your eyes appear brighter! The concealer is canary yellow toned and has a SUPER creamy formulation that blends into the skin effortlessly. I didn’t have any issues with creasing of the product. However I strongly recommend finishing off your look by setting under your eye area with a powder.

You might look at this photo and think …why on earth would I want to put yellow concealer under my eyes?! Which is a reasonable question considering we don’t have the same skin tones as a Simpson’s character. But funnily enough yellow actually helps to correct any purple tones. Meaning your eyes will look less tired and sunken in. The yellow tone of the product is made using fruit pigments and it even contains caffeine to revive areas with tired, puffy skin.


100% Pure Black Tea Mascara


This mascara is incredible. A product like this is one you have to try yourself to really discover the true magic. The sample I received was ‘Black Berry’ but a Blackest black and Dark chocolate is also available. My first impression upon opening this product was a sense of absolute disbelief! I had read on the mascara package that it was a fruit pigmented using black tea and blueberries. But I didn’t realize that it would actually smell like a fresh punnet of blueberries. It really doesn’t get more ‘fruit pigmented’ then that! I feel like a lot of companies make claims about their ingredients. As sad as it sounds when you try something you really don’t think it will be as straight forward. But it really was. Very impressed.

The mascara gives a fluttery and lengthening look. Quite surprised with how I looked wearing deep purple lashes but somehow it just worked. Giving this product an 11/10 ha-ha!


100% Pure Luminous Facial Primer


You will love this primer if you have dry or mature skin! The facial primer is a very hydrating and milky formula with a range of ingredients to nourish the skin. These include Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil, Red Wine Reservatrol, Silica, Vitamin C, Vitamin E. Which are all helping to bring luster, life and radiance to the skin. But particularly amazing for anti-ageing benefits! I loved the feel of this primer, I felt like I was applying a lightweight moisturizer. The scent was very natural; it reminded me of a very light avocado fragrance. (This product actually doesn’t contain avocados.)

The primer had a subtle illuminating affect that gives the skin that extra glow. I sound like a broken record but once again this is the ultimate weapon for dry skin and mature women. You cannot go wrong!

100% Pure Bright Eyes Creamy Long Last Liner – White


The creamy long lasting liner I received was a fabulous addition to my kit. Not many people know this, but fair skin tones can actually use this as an eye primer. The best way to use this is to lightly draw onto the lid and blend with the warmth of your fingertips. Then add a colourwash of a light eye shadow as a base colour over the top. This is a great technique to use, when doing lighter coloured eye makeup and your looking to get that pop of brightness!

I would only recommend that trick if you were using a creamy liner just like this one. Eyeliner pencils that are stiff can be a bit too harsh on the eyelid. Another great trick when using this pencil is to open up your eyes by adding white eyeliner to the inner corner of your eyes waterline.


All in all – The 100% Pure makeup collection really opened my eyes to the wonderful world of cruelty free organic makeup. I have many health conscious and vegan friends that are using these products and I feel as though I’ve been missing out! Absolutely will be making a purchase from in the near future.

To purchase the 100% Pure makeup range head over to <3


Thank you for reading.

Celia XO