The last few months have been very busy for me, which has really put my makeup’s stay power to the test. No one wants to reapply their makeup throughout an event. Or even worse…reapply their full face in between a day and night event! I have perfected a strategy, which has really saved me time and stress when it comes to makeup. Here are my steps to a flawless face all night long:


Prep & Prime

Preparing your skin correctly before makeup application is a ‘make or break’ for those wanting longevity and a perfect finish. Isn’t that funny? Before applying any makeup at all… you could be self-sabotaging your gorgeous end result, without even realising! Preparation is key and will vary depending on your skin type.

First call to action is to cleanse your skin. Making sure your skin is as clean as possible. If you have normal, oily, dry or combination skin you can use a AHA/glycolic based cleanser to get extra dead skin cells off. The smoother the skin before makeup application, the better the result! (Do not use AHA products without consulting your skin therapist if your skin is sensitive, red or you have any broken skin)

Once the skin is clean, fresh and cleansed. Use an amazing exfoliant containing AHA/glycolic acid (do not use AHA/glycolic products if you have dry, broken or sensitive skin) to create a very smooth surface for the makeup base. My favourite chemical exfoliant’s contain both chemical and granular ingredients to polish away the dry, dead skin. The two top exfoliants that I have loved for several years are the Skinstitut 14% Glycolic scrub and ASAP daily exfoliant.

After cleansing and exfoliating your skin – follow with a hydrating moisturiser and primer. The best moisturisers and primers will depend on your skin type. Oily skin types will need to take extra care. Making sure to choose a mattifying primer for your base.

Set your way to flawless



The second crucial component to any flawless application is to set your makeup. My absolute favourite setting powder is WilliamsPro Zero Powder. Zero powder is a mineral translucent setting powder, both vegan and free of nasty ingredients. Which is so important, especially as a makeup artist. You don’t want to be using products full of toxins that are going to cause breakouts and irritation. You may have heard about Williamspro makeup recently amongst the beauty community. It is certainly starting to cause serious hype!

Zero Powder is my favourite setting powder because it is so affordable, great for the health of the skin and has a high industry standard. When I say ‘high industry standard’, I am talking about the efficacy of the product. It is specifically designed for HD cameras and video. There will be no awkward camera flash-backs with this powder! But you don’t need to be a makeup artist just to own a powder suitable for Hollywood films. We should all be aiming for products of that high standard to achieve longevity. That is why it’s used in film in the first place.

When applied to the skin it feels extremely soft and velvety. It is best to use a small amount at a time, in the areas required. In the time I have been using this product I never have had to touch up my face throughout the evening. There are two Zero Powders currently available.

Normal/combination Zero Powder


Oily/shine prone skin Zero Powder


The powder makes your foundation appear softer, creating the illusion of radiance and shine free skin. Usually I would shy away from using powder on older skins but this I can highly recommend. There is no creasing and deepening of the lines. Many powders tend to age you. But this one, I cannot fault.

For a flawless face all night long, I apply Zero powder using a Kabuki style brush after foundation application. Following on with blush, lipstick and any final touches.

If you have any questions about how to achieve a flawless face all night, let me know in the comments below xx


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