A quick pictorial in how I repaired my broken Mac mineralise skin finish 

Dropping your powders and eyeshadows is the worst feeling in the world! They always break, crack and crumble. It is extremely disappointing when an expensive product goes to waste. Which is why I started to experiment with fixing broken products myself. The first few times I tried fixing products, they began to crumble after a few uses. I realised that not using enough isopropyl throughout the process, hindered the longevity of the powder. This is just a small pictorial I made, on how to bring your broken products back to life. I took these photos months ago on my phone, so please excuse the bad iPhone quality.


What you will need:

  • 99% Isopropyl – varying quantity depending on what your fixing (I used about 3 tbsp)
  • A spatula to smooth the product
  • A small dish
  1. Gather all loose dust and pigment into a small dish.image2
  2. Saturate the pigment with isopropyl and mix together in the dish. Do not be scared to put a lot of alcohol in there, it evaporates quickly. You will run into problems if it is not moist enough.
  3. Start to layer and flatten the product back into the compact. Adding more isopropyl to the dish as you continue transferring. This is important because the product tends to dry quite quickly.image3
  4. Continue to layer and flatten the product until you have reached the top of the compact.image5
  5. The next stage is smoothing. Every hour or two I would check on the product and smooth down the top layer. The powder gets dryer and easier to smooth every hour. Continue this step until you are happy with how it looks. image8
  6. Leave to sit for 24 hours. Then you are ready to use it again!!!


I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial. If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment below or use my contact form and I can email you directly.



Celia XO