The Mac Cosmetics Oval 6. A revolutionary style of makeup brush that has seemed to appear almost out of of no where. This style of brush may still be very unfamiliar and odd looking to many of you! But once you understand the design, use and the performance of this brush, I can guarantee you this will be on your wish list.

Mac has released three of these brushes; Oval 6, Oval 3 and Linear 1. Oval 6 is the largest of the group. Perfect for primer, foundation and concealing your complete under eye area. Oval 3 is a medium sized brush and is ideal for the eye area and smaller jobs such as contour lines (which you want to keep confined to the hollows of your cheeks). Lastly is linear 1 which is the same size as the Oval 3 but looks like its been sliced down the middle – to half the thickness.The design of all three of these brushes is extremely new and innovative. I will explain why below.

  • The flat facing brush and handle makes this an effortless way to apply makeup. It is so easy to reach into those corners/tricky spots whilst feeling like you have a lot more control where your product goes! Just like a tooth brush it feels very natural to use and although it may look odd, it feels a lot less awkward to manoeuvre than a normal brush. mac4
  • The fibres are all the same length and are densely packed. This means that the brush will maintain its shape, whilst also having a really great blending ability because there are so many tiny fibres. 
  • The brush is multi use and you can use it to apply any face/base product. mac
  • You can blend out creams and other products without needing to apply much pressure.
  • The synthetic brush fibres feel exceptionally soft on the skin, even around the eye area.

I hope you liked my first impressions and thoughts about the Oval 6 – I will definitely be purchasing the Oval 3 and Linear 1 soon.


Thank you for reading!


Celia XO