This Wednesday will be my 21st birthday! 21 is quite a mile-stone, I remember when I was younger I would think about what I would be like at 21, how big my party was going to be, what cake I wanted etc. However, my perception on myself and the world around me was quite different back then. There has also been some huge challenges in the last year I’ve had to deal with, I wouldn’t say I am in the position I thought id be at 21. Yet these challenges have completely changed my path in a good way! But it has just taken me a while to see the silver lining.

makeup birthday cake


One thing I did predict correctly was that on my 21st birthday I would have a beautiful cake with makeup on top. I originally thought the chef would use fondant icing to create the illusion of makeup – but the price of the cake was going to be the same as getting real makeup on top! So that’s what we did. I was given a budget of $200 to spend in Mecca Maxima and purchase a few items for decoration. Trust me it was hard to pick a few things, the whole shop is amazing.There was also a few brushes and a lipgloss on my cake but I have had those both for a while now, so I didn’t include them in this post.




Stila – One step correct (primer and brightening serum)


In desperate need of a new primer I searched the displays until I found this. I like how it does more that just prime the skin, it corrects and illuminates. Some people might be a bit put off by the odd colour(s). One pump will give you a combination of all 3 colours and when you massage this into the skin it goes clear. It feels just like a moisturiser.

This is the purpose of each colour.

  • Green – is used to minimise redness
  • Lavender: counteracts sallow undertones
  • Peach: Brightens, illuminates and helps to minimise the appearance of sunspots



Stila – Fields of Florals convertible colour dual lip and cheek palette


This lip/cheek palette looks to die for! The beautiful assortment of colours really grabbed my attention. This will be a great addition for my makeup kit. You can never have too many lipstick colours for clients to choose from. There are 12 shades in total, and I cannot wait to test this out!DSC_0289



Smashbox – 24hour photo finish shadow primer

I have been struggling to find a great eye primer that lasts all day and makes my eye shadow pop! So I really hope this is the one for me. It is said to have great lasting power and doesn’t leave creases (my absolute hate when it comes to eye primer).



Josie Maran – Argan illuminizer


This looks and feels so luxe! It is infused with Argan oil and can be mixed in with foundation to give a dewy look or applied on its own. I can picture wearing this on a tropical island, with a golden glow on my cheeks. It just looks like heaven! It is heavily pigmented but you can work it into the skin for a softer finish. You will definitely be hearing more about this in the coming weeks.



Let me know what you think of my new products and if anyone has tried them?


XO Celia

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