Deciding between cream or powder blush is definitely a personal preference. Cream blush is designed to give that natural dewy look. The rosy cheeks I’ve sported using cream over powder, always tends to appear more subtle and realistic. I was doing the grocery shopping yesterday and had a to pick up a few items from Maybelline, when I spotted these. The Maybelline Master Glaze blush sticks in shades “Pink fever” and “Just pinched pink”. The blush sticks are not new or limited edition but something about them appealed to me, why not I said?



For me I only use cream blush when I am going for a natural dewy look. Usually whilst wearing a BB cream or my favourite Dior star foundation. So I thought these stick blushes might be perfect to just quickly apply and run out the door for everyday wear. From trialing both out today I give them a thumbs up so far!


I will share a few bullet points on why I thought they were great.

  • It has a medium amount of pigment, which for cream blush is essential. I find when I tested both of them there was a very buildable amount of pigment. A soft touch on both cheeks is enough for me. Too much pigment with a cream blush would just make application difficult.
  • The consistency lived up to the name “master glaze” it just glided so smoothly. I have never used a cream blush with such a silky thin texture. Most of them tend to be thicker and harder to blend out.
  • There is no fragrance – a big thumbs up from a skin therapist perspective! Artificial fragrances are harmful and damaging to the skins barrier function. This causes sensitivity, pH imbalance and breakouts.
  • Because of the thin silky texture it soaks into the skin, to create a really realistic and natural glow. Many that I’ve tried leave a sticky film on the top of the skin. Without leaving that sticky top layer this means that you can put setting powder over the top of the master glaze and it won’t impact the integrity of blush. Which is excellent.



The only downside to these blush sticks so far is the fact that they are $15aud. For that price I thought the stick would be longer and more product inside the packaging. However, there is about 2-3 cm worth of product. But we won’t know how long they will truly last until I give them a really good trial run. I will give you an update soon beauties!


xo  Celia